Carol Cutshall is fantastic! omg!!!

Carol Cutshall is fantastic

The style is refreshing and inspirational. I know she wasn't there last year, but I bought lots of pieces from the OTH wardrobe...

for instance I am currently wearing the brown buckle sweater that Ellie wore the last time she saw Peyton in Season Three.

I have Peyton's leather jacket with stripes that she's gone to the cemetery in, and Haley's blue striped sweater from the shooting episode.

The pieces are great and if you can relate to a character those pieces are the ones that you look for.

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carol is so awesome. I love what she does with the clothes. Oth style is totally GREAT!!!

Posted by: STACY | April 12, 2007 8:04 AM

the one tree hill connection no. 28

Kate Voegele, in an exclusive interview for the One Tree Hill podcast, opens the 28th edition of the podcast. Kate talks about returning to One Tree Hill as Mia, working on her new album and being in scenes directed by One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray.
Also, One Tree Hill Costume Designer Carol Cutshall is highlighted in the “Behind the Scenes of One Tree Hill,” recorded on the One Tree Hill set in Wilmington in October.

The podcast closes with a review of the 12
th episode of season six.
Next week the 29th edition of the podcast will include an “Artist Alley” segment with Damian Jurardo and a “Behind the Scenes of One Tree Hill” interview with One Tree Hill Prop Master Robbie Beck. Also, a look back at the first 12 episodes of season six and the cliffhanger and how it relates to the previous five seasons.

icon for podpress The One Tree Hill Connection No. 28 [70:00m]:

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