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thanks posterous/twitter for obliterating all posts, videos

thanks posterous/twitter for obliterating all posts, videos, and mp3s.  you have decimated the views on those sites to which they were auto-posted by inelegantly wipig them from the face of the earth; and while one could understand this action had it been toward an end, Twitter's buyout to the guileful pussies at Posterous, apparently, like Ted Cruz, yours was just a sissy grab to destroy any and all comers (in this case video posting) which may, but probably wouldn't have intersected or effected your dominant hold on same in the future.  

the worst fallout from this slash and burn, of course, being that those of us who invested time on Posterous with no equivalent equanimity or subversion to your brand have now lost all posts, videos, etc., including most harmfully, hundreds of thousands--millions of impressions, now links pointing nowhere and posts devoid of media including photos, videos, etc.

it takes many more characters than 140 to register disgust to Posterous and Twitter together, and this is the first and last quota from one individual wasted toward that effort. 

while the owner's of Posterous are lulled into a false security from your nominal buyoff of their to-date only good idea, in years to come after the money is spent and Twitter no longer need their services, i believe, they will be forgotten, with all like them of no faith or integrity in their once unique brand--now bought and destroyed concept--gone.

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