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Las Vegas:There's a Zombie outside--Do you want me to kill it?

this neighborhood is changing me for the worst, i'm afraid. 
last night i walked into my local 7-11 where out front swayed a tall, lanky, white teenaged man-beast, shoeless and drooling preposterously; catatonic, with no special plan. 
 i assume that it was the cruel Trickster-drug 'Spice' which made him such. 
 i entered the establishment using my shirtsleeve cuff to open its never-locked doors and said out loud to no one in particular or everyone who inhabited the place, 
'There's a Zombie outside. Do you want me to kill it?' 
 File:'Taming the Donkey', painting by Eduardo Zamacois y Zabala, 1868, private collection.jpg
Never since Oscar Wilde have you heard a line so timed for an environment ripe resonate all compulsive gamblers, wretched drug-takers, shoplifters, whores and pimps who left themselves momentarily and their squalid interior thoughts, as well as the countermen, and gave to me approbation for something from which upon reconsideration i shrink, seeming to be mined from the most base and schadenfreude mine but which i must confess follows me unceasing here as the only cloud in this overbought landscape carved and watered by the inventor and hermit of Sin City, 
 Howard Hughes, who happened in Vegas to stay in Vegas

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