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Rick Staton - why are you mad at Maury's mother?
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  • You like this.
  • Rick Staton Mad at Maury's mother? I don't follow ya'. But speaking of followers, I thought the "Love and Terror Cult" was a reference to Narco-Poppers™ fans. It applies to Charlie's family, as well?
  • Donald Spicer Dude - I am just the middle-man! This is what M sent: i roll the nickels. i figure i needed a laugh and you laughing at this makes me laugh. happy IVth. from your favorite boxcar and jug of wine, m. please pass this on to Staton, Rick--he's mad at my mother
  • Rick Staton (insert sound of cuckoo clock here) I LOVE his mom AND dad. And Charlie.
  • Rick Staton Text or call me later if you're up for some Arachnid Studio time.
  • Donald Spicer Okay - my gang are leaving town today, but I don't know what time yet... once I have them out of my hair, we can get those slave girls of yours to move in the equipment and rub our 'feet' while we try to make Josh forget all about Robert Plant! I will let you know when I know!
  • Rick Staton In time, I plan to help Josh to realize that Robert Plant is extremely uncool. I saw Led Zep live several times during the early 70's, so that clearly makes me an expert on the subject. On the other hand, Plant was rude to Maury in the 90's, so maybe he's not THAT uncool...
  • Donald Spicer I thought that was Page...
  • Doug Meet no Mage Page was my best client/friend and almost overdosed with me on methadone i delivered to the Ritz Carlton later at his page/plant gig. i snubbed robert plant there in some kind of guitar-God myopia. once again i will speak to rick through a third party as if he's not there and mention that he neither acknowledges nor thanks me for one of the best (the best?) nights of his life. i am nonplussed but hopeful that this will stop one day, although you seem to enjoy being the only one playing 'telephone' in the whole feud. my mother leant rick one of her firebirds back in the day which he subsequently sold and never replayed--and he still blames me for a sailor top which was ripped into shreds by an overzealous fan at Damned Shame which I never even considered replacing because of being so rich and irresponsible and raised by you two into the feral boy i am today, but as Jett Rink used to say, 'boom boom, bah bah, boom boom, bah bah'!

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