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Zerrin Egeliler: TüRFüçKINğ


No-doubt-that sex glut created by the players most best known and records breaking, by operators guaranteed seen, not without a care or lead or the second women's play, period erotic cinema in every type of role that tries, comfort and Anatolia appropriate physical attributes welcomed the names Zerrin Ege People has been.

Zerrin Ege was filmed in 1981, up to 60 people from 1977 until the end is a film of which 21 of them in 1978, 37 in 1979, in a sense become the empress of 16mm'lik film is made. Like other colleagues are dressing generously, freely, to love, from comedy to melodrama goes, especially with Bulent L. actors to play more (Come Çaman, Aydemir Akbaş, Shams İnkaya). As part of each of the women are being brought to the front of the camera that more prostitutes, prostitutes, greedy and play. He is a peasant girl becomes (Can Hatice, Sirri Gültekin, 1978; dodger, Yavuz Yalınkılıç, 1979), the seduction is (cliff, Yucel Uçanoğlu, 1978), a serious role and Halit Refiğ's administration, the neighbors, the United Gürzap'ı He takes off again (Life Fight, 1978). Sometimes an ardent servant is (seven brave Saban, Crashers, King, Yavuz Figen based, 1978), a hustler (Novice Hustlers, Yucel Uçanoğlu, 1979), her husband cheated on a woman (Indecent Shame, War Co I, 1979), kidnapped a dancer (Ay Aman of, Ulku Erakalın, 1979), a worker girl (Honey Almond, Cetin belief, 1979), a mad girl (Cameron's wish, the Yavuz Fi ¬ gene, 1979), sex change woman (Minnoş, Aram Gülyüz, 1979), a lovers (if you want women, spouse War I, 1979), has a pavilion (Bitch / Life of Women, Austin Faith, 1979) and often a prostitute (Sinful Women, Ideals of religion, 1979; stained Female, Ulku Erakalın, 1979, that the women one, Flame scandal, Ulku Erakalın, 1979) Zerrin Ege people become a brand, and some cheap movies player accessories used as posters or as exploitative as the steps they take advantage of this brand.
The Game in 1981, with the people of the Aegean daffodil Fikret Hakan'S starring Kimbilir'de (Basic Gürsu) play a role as well as the final film turns. If the erotic film after the cinema and bring him to forget his reputation as a nightclub owner is married and settled in Ontario.
Although starring in many films out from time to time if the function to appear naked in a scene or two, or does not go further than making love. For example, in the 70 years between the TRT's very popular with the American series Charlie's Angels'S (Charlie's Angels) grinding want to make a movie that Charlie Kelek in the (1978) pre-plan Aydemir Akbas, come Çaman and Erdinc Akbas When you purchase, although the two-stage naked, and another scene with bikini appearing and performing his duties if Mostly dressed as sitting, standing, smoking, giving orders to a variety of accessories.
One "Sex" movie Fundamentally, the film does not want to be a ghetto In Kadersiz (1979) Zerrin Ege people a "sex" gives players as expected, but in the second half of the film occurs. A slum in the last, scenarios and management Aykut flat belonging to film the dirty little business with us trying the three friends are ... In the movie, Şermin the animated Zerrin Ege, the people allocated to the scenes, dressing is, have sex, the mountain at the beginning of cold shivering, but If what you do, can not go forward, to move to the forefront Can `t want already.

Yavuz Figen directed, scenario Aydemir Akbaş written by and starring the assumed seven brave Saban Crashers, King of the (1978) Zerrin Ege residents of the film from the second half after the maid Zehra As revealed, the first fund will remain, but Aydemir Akbas (Saban) and a love affair Once it gives expected, is changing, you have sex. A "sex" comedy as the film, more Aydemir Akbaş's own jokes are decorated with, but between a naked woman missing without a heavy after the start Zerrin Ege residents to fore with the function to continue the start. Edwards was not enough nudity as residents or as a variation of Aydemir Akbaş to make love with another woman, the woman's observation provides a shower scene.

"Real" Zerrin Ege, avid, sensual women, this time playing war Zerrin Ege managed without her spouse Olamam'da (1978), we find. This semi-closed (two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room) and semi-open (path Strait, Sile rocks) is very economical in place a film in a manner that is last of three persons.
Directed by Austin Faith, screenplay written by Elton Temizer Death in Love (1978), film-thirds of Zerrin Ege two people naked, maybe the movie is the best game of his life. To love to kill, had not been forgotten with time as an example of a sado-BDSM movie "cult" film of that nature could easily win. Most of the time of conviction, such as films with a small cast was taken at a few places, but the story and all the extremes of expression or because of this though, apparently is involved, perhaps by Believe "was held. A "sex movie" as a fan of the course is expected to give more nudity and sex, and beyond them because of excessive tension from time to time it also offers a full show of violence. A full-blooded, sensual "Grand Guignol" air in the film, by any violent demonstrations, no more escape from sexual images as a nightmare start and perhaps unprecedented era of cinematic sex is almost a clinical example of the ends.
"Brand is considered the" good posters so that people Zerrin Edwards stays in the background in some movies, some of the star remains. Theoretical rather than at that time the audience appreciated the support from two different poles of the evaluation aimed at the Arzu Okay-Zerrin Ege people comparison first girl looks, natural sexuality with a specific audience to pull some kind of girl next door, down the beloved image, while creating another woman-lust of the dilemma of any movie live.
People daffodil Edwards, Reverend Nur-Accompanied by legendary actress Turkey is a continuation of the line of sex-erotic films. First, this line is as physically. Is the equivalent length. Accompanied by legendary actress and range stops, such as lips wet. The eyes look away, as well as inviting people with an expression ... But Edwards is located in a place beyond the physical. He all inviting, promising to accept male domination but he wants within the limits of sovereignty is the subject of women. This acceptance of women-the subject's positive side is, of course: sexual acts at any time of the male subject's dominance is under the Edwards people. "He wrote're Cem Copper, Kadir scintillant, Altay Akturk and Falcon Uruk quartet jointly prepared the ethics Mütemmim Cuz the pornography his work ...
Explanation about the banner: Zerrin Ege residents often dial the number of films is believed to be 60 to 16mm. Below the 57 sheets of banner covers nearly all Zerrin Ege filmografisini people. Aydemir Akbaş Edwards residents partner to be seen often, Kazim Kartal, such men were Çaman Come, Sesk objects even though the task often undertaken alone, with women such as seedlings and Necla Deniz Meral has also acted.

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