(video) Jerry Lee Lewis Sister - Frankie Jean Lewis (RIP) Tav Falco: Incredible!

“more twang per syllable than prime Duane Eddy, belting and screeching like a flat-out hillbilly… She’s Jerry Lee’s sister, wildass before anything else.” 

Patrick Mathe Alex Greene Tav Falco

oh, and doug easley and I produced it as the last offering of the old backyard studio before he hit the big time. 
buy it on ebay. and buy me one too.
Tav Falco
Tav Falco I remember when you and Doug were cutting that record with Linda Gail, but I thought she is the cousin of JLL.
Doug Meet
Doug Meet no, the youngest sis. his older sister just passed a year ago in Ferriday where she was running the greatest museum in the known world--of course, dedicated to her infallible brother and filled with orig. photos and basically everything he ever touche...See More
Doug Meet
Doug Meet i stole this from some dutch tourists, but it shows the woman at her Lewis proudest! RIP http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xaoracManage
Tav Falco
Tav Falco Doug Meet Incredible!
Doug Meet
Doug Meet read my description for this interview. it's another one that took me 25 years to find: 

Jim Dickinson - Rumble (i didn't expect to find this! this is my favorite record ever!) 1 second ago

Jim Dickinson - Rumble 
(i didn't expect to find this! this is my favorite record ever!) 
1 second ago


Jim Dickinson - Rumble

JD & The Hoods

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Published on Aug 4, 2014
Jim Dickinson, JD & the Hoods..

Rumble on Barbarian Records…

omg! i didn't expect to find this! this is my favorite record ever!

Would somebody please list the musicians on this recording?

Jerry McKinney!!!

who played motorcycle? 

Ian Stewart once described everything the Stones played that wasn't a twelve-bar as 'Chinese music.' Why is there only 1,130 views for this? Jim was/is one of the great ones; wealth of information here.

Jim had a thing for zebra patterns.

Culture vibrations. Thank you for posting this .

Dalida - Bang Bang vs. Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang (1966) @Inafr_officiel for @asiaargento (chi ha ispirato le contestches regulares)

Dalida - Bang bang 10 years ago
4.5K views mrjyn 
Dog Meat
Dalida - Bang bang 10 years ago4.5K views mrjyn Dog Meat


William Eggleston Films (they deserve to be in two places--democratically) egglestontrust


William Eggleston's "Stranded in Canton" (Book & DVD)
Directed by William Eggleston
Twin Palms, 2008

Reiner Holzemer's William Eggleston: Photographer
Directed by Reiner Holzemer,
Reiner Holzemer Films, 2008

William Eggleston in the Real World
Written and directed by Michael Almereyda
Palm Pictures / Umvd, 2006

By the Ways
Written and directed by Vincent Gérard and Cédric Laty
Lamplighter Films, 2005

With William Eggleston, Winston Eggleston, Rosalind Solomon, Maud Schuyler Clay, Ayden Clay, Tav Falco, Piero Della Francesca, David Byrne, Irene & Guy Stricherz, Vernon Richards, Dennis Hopper, Robert Gordon, Rosa Eggleston, Andra Moore Eggleston.

@AsiaArgento beautiful Joe Coleman tableau

@AsiaArgento beautiful Joe Coleman tableau

Ah, renewal, 
beautiful sweetness!

Crazy World, 
Insane Thoughts, 
rambling ideas, 
Two Worlds Collide...

rambling sweetness dante video cliche mistress resembling lifeless deserving despondent appreciative whore entrusted mourned dissemination bargains postscript artistry perversely parable bloated swedish anonymous diary dump user archives renewal reviewed reviews kinda dormant thirsty glenn thanks invitation genius link paste readers consistently begging tops export posted curse crazy thank michael rival comment pity perfect considers visual messages unfortunately damn popularity rider corners delivered shocked glad guest okay reply band dirt appreciation posts ultimately douglas explicit excited originally honored biggest announcement grateful post positive inspired appreciate guidance seconds tuesday movie check comments bull movies selling accident hell thoughts dear sympathy meets keys hurt random emergency handed regardless copy decide missed describe favorite placed lovely promise maybe equivalent lights singing expenses song sorry accepted knows advertising original eventually silence reality author entitled loved truly finds daily metal billion style beautiful credit myself realized Gander Mull Toss Spew observation rambling insight Crazy World Insane Thoughts rambling ideas Two Worlds Collide...

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