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Who I am by Kelseyalicia.jpg

KelseyAlicia is a tartlet with <over 9000 wonderful pieces of artwork displayed on her page. She is also well-known for being an absolute Yu-Gi-Oh fantard, and faps fervently to Yugi and his bum-chum, Pharaoh.

Oh yeah. And she draws like a fucking 3-year old. Kelsey's age is known to be 20. Know this as you read on.

She gained small notoriety from previous raids, but moar recently from a someone calling for a raid, after her retardation was rediscovered. Some of /b/, in a frightening display of faggotry, have come to the conclusion that Kelsey has assburgers, and therefore is not raid-able. This, of course, is bullshit on many levels. Some of anonymous has already taken it upon themselves to raid her tartlet account.

(( If the page with my daughters information and your malicious content is not taken down by noon tomorrow, November 9, 2011, we will ask our lawyer to stop your site until the lawsuit and the litigation has worked itself through the court system. The process of litigation is a long, slow process that usually takes years to complete. ))
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00:23 < brxbrx> I think today is Guy Fawkes day. Burn a stupid anon mask to celebrate/lament the idiot that inspired a crappy comic that inspired an entire generation of newfags to embarass themselves and make everybody look bad


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