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The story is old now. I’ve thought of what to write and written a couple of drafts and deleted them all. At first I thought oh the poor girl has problems and I don’t want to add to them by ridiculing her.
So a week ago, Tanner was filming a lesbian bukkake for Jeff Steward’s company JM Productions. Jim Powers was directing while Johnny Thrust was doing whatever he does. Her phone dropped in the toilet. Johnny says he would have it fixed. She comes back to pick it up and he never had it fixed. All hell breaks loose.
The “meltdown” was all captured and JM Productions have said they will release the full behind the scenes footage of it. They released a video last week showing its highlights.
Tanner is only 20-years-old and has been in porn for a year. Many say this video has now ruined her career while someone like Johnny Thrust and half the men in porn are still working in this industry when they shouldn’t be. She shouldn’t have been screaming and shouldn’t have thrown the computer but Johnny shouldn’t have been screaming at her either.
In a way, this video is worse than the Chasey Lain meltdown videos. Tanner is 20 and we never really heard about her having problems like this before. With Chasey, we already knew and heard the stories. Chasey has also been in the business for so long that it was taking it’s toll on her already.
Tanner is half Jeff Steward’s age and here he is releasing this video. Jeff Steward, Jim Powers, and Johnny Thrust are both pieces of shit for how they have treated women throughout the years and for now releasing this video. They have a very long history of treating women badly on set. At least in Donny Long’s case, another company released the Chasey videos. But here Steward is releasing this.
They told Tanner they would fix her phone. A person’s cell phone is extremely important especially for someone in an industry where she has to talk to possibly dozens of people a day/week. And after being subjected to their bukkake and being peed on all day, she just blew up and was so frustrated! I’d be pissed off too!!
This wasn’t a meltdown in the sense she’s insane. This is a meltdown of just being so exhausted and frustrated of being humiliated and being made a fool of. The one who came out of this like a complete fool and scumbag is Johnny Thrust. The outburst was not because of a broken cellphone that wasn’t fixed. Look at the bigger picture.
Thank you to everyone for sending in these links! This six-minute video is also not a running stream. It’s been cut and edited. So we don’t know what really happened. You can watch the video at either Youtube or MyVideo. Tanner then wrote on her Myspace blog what happened and how she was disrespected.
My recap of the Tanner Mayes “meltdown” video. « Darrah Ford
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