WATCH Jimi Hendrix First TV Appearance - Buddy & Stacey - Shotgun 1965

Jimi Hendrix First TV Appearance Buddy & Stacey - Shotgun 1965

11 years ago

Oldest Film Footage of Jimi Hendrix:
WLAC-TV studios, L & C Tower, 159 4th Avenue North, Nashville

Jimi appears as guitar player in
"The Royal Company" playing in the back-up band for Buddy & Stacy on the WLAC-TV Channel 5 show "Night Train," performing "Shotgun".

On the same show Jimmy Church performs
"In The Midnight Hour".

Wilson Pickett's version of the song was released in late June - early July.

Billy Cox has said that Jimi left and returned to Nashville several times...

Most used words in lifetime comments for this video:

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Jimi Hendrix First TV Appearance 1965 (Discovered by Me, but I forgot to tell Anyone)