Bonnie Lee Bakley "...takes off her blouse and peels down her stockings" while I stuff lonely-hearts letters into envelopes

In 1980, still married to her cousin, Bonnie Lee Bakley moved down south. 

One day she arrived, uninvited at Jerry Lee's boyhood home. 

Frankie Jean Lewis, the rocker's sister (not yet called 'The Chiller') says Bonny sashayed into her living room with a tape recorder playing striptease music.

"She takes off her blouse and peels down her stockings," says Frankie.

She said, 'I'd like to meet your brother.' 

So I got Jerry on the phone and I said, 'Jerry, we got us a real live one here.' 

And he said 'Send her up.' 

That's what he always said."

what a sister

this is the same Bonny, aka. Bonny Lee Bakley, with whom I stuffed lonely-hearts letters into envelopes (pre-internet), and even slow-danced with at Hernando's Hideaway on Brooks Rd. outside Memphis. 

She was the most obsessed groupie I have still ever met. 

She had insinuated herself with not just Frankie Jean Lewis, who gave me this quote, but with the other sister whose album I was in town producing, Linda Gail Lewis

I have never met anyone who was asking to be neutralized more contumaciously than this woman. Luckily she moved on to Robert Blake, so that Jerry could *didn't have to* get rid of her. 

Village Voice article by Michael Musto, in which after sending him her cassette, he wrote:  

"But back to big orchids, a producer named Maury O’Rourk just played me a copy of an ’89 recording he found by Robert Blake‘s murdered wife Bonnie Lee Bakley, who gave very good treacle. The record turns out to be just the kind of poignantly kitschy celeb-worship collectible you’d expect from the woman who owned a photo of her face superimposed next to Elvis Presley’s. The rap tune—”A Tribute to Elvis”—has a cheesy sounding synth and drum machine backing Bakley’s effusive utterances like, “Some people say it’s hard for them to understand/I want to be in heaven’s rockin’ band/Bill Haley and Buddy Holly too/We sing our song for all of you.

Sadly, she made it to the band before her time."

 https://www.villagevoice.com/2003/03/18/ny-mirror-298/ .

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Alan Boudreaux Great comment ... ridicules and offensive home pic ✌️🙃😬😎
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