Eugene (Ace Frehley)--thanks Lenny Smith

www.acefrehleyscrapbook.com presents this rare video which Ace Frehley co-wrote, co-produced and played syndrum, titled: Eugene.

Classic "Crazy Joe Renda" song no longer lost-- here it is!! 

Look for John Regan from the Frehley's Comet / Ace Frehley band on bass in this video. 

Taken from the original master videotape...enjoy this classic!!! 

For more things Ace Frehley please check out - http://www.theacefrehleyarchive.com

I seriously have not heard this song since 1980-81. I was around 10-11 and it was a favorite of mine at the time. I am sure I recorded it off of the radio on a crappy cassette recorder. The radio station JB 105 and/or 92 pro fm played it in heavy rotation for a short while. Thank you for the upload.
I feel that much cooler about my name now
Clearly mocking gene Simmons. They can deny it all they want lol. That's the sort of way he behaved in bars!
in eugene's defense, that dude WAS about to do a line of sugar. 
Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! I found it!!! Hahahahahaaaaa
My older brother John-1948--1991 loved this song.Rest in peace big brother