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Vista Valley PTA is parody spin of the popular 1978 movie, Harper Vallley PTA that starred Barbara Eden

Vista Valley PTA (1981)

Sin In The Suburbs

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Starring: Jessie St. James, Dorothy LeMay, Desiree West, Kay Parker, Juliet Anderson, Sharon Cane, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Dewey Alexander, Howie Gannon and Ham Easton

When you’ve seen as many fuck films as I have, you begin to realize it’ll be a rare day before a producer is able to come up with a solid story line you haven’t already seen.

Never before in adult films has a main plot been treated with such care and intelligence as it is in “VISTA VALLEY P.T.A.” It is a sensual erotic wheel, spun by the talented writer-director Anthony Spinelli, who once again weaves his magic spell with a star-studded cast including Jessie St. James, John Leslie, Juliet Anderson, Jamie Gillis and a bevy of sensational newcomers.

All of the torrid sex scenes are terrific and hot. Ms. St. James proves to be the most talented, beautiful and sexy lady to hit the erotic screen since Georgina Spelvin.

Producer Bernardo Speinelli has created a highly successful and contemporary piece of filmmaking with “P.T.A.” In the tradition of “PEYTON PLACE”, Vista takes us into the depths of the heartlands, bedrooms and school days of suburban America. As the film opens, we meet Ms. Martin, (Jessie St. James) a newcomer in town, as she begins her job as the new special school administrator of Vista Valley High.


This Original Theatrical Trailer is from a poor 8mm print source. The Full Movie in theater is in it’s best currently available DVD quality.

Stopping at a gas station for directions, she is informed by Davis, (John Leslie) that there have already been two rapes, and a teacher was beaten at the school. Unnerved, the sexy Ms. Martin boldly replies, “Don’t worry about those kids, I’ll handle them.”

Meanwhile, in the school parking lot, Dorothy LeMay and Dewey Alexander are getting it on orally. Le May performs fellatio with her velvety, moist tongue and juicy lips savoring every last drop from Dewey’s throbbing prick. More >


Constance Money in 'A Taste of Money' 1983 Poster

A Taste of Money (1983)

“The Odds Are That Constance Will Return to Films Since Her Name Continues to Stir Enthusiasm Everywhere” – Playboy

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Starring: Constance Money, Blair Harris, Laurie Smith, Sharon Mitchell, Gina Gianetti, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Don Hart, Paul Thomas, Jack Kovacs, Mariko Kemo, Judy Abernathy, Angel Nicolet, Carla Pagones, Bambi Snyder, Suzie Walsh

Constance Money (The Opening of Misty Beethoven) is back on the adult screen after an absence of five years. As all good porn fans know, the fresh-faced, vital, captivating Constance is the star who zoomed to fame with her memorable performance in the 1976 award-winning classic The Opening of Misty Beethoven. Constance retired to private life after making a few more movies, but the continuing popularity of Misty and the praise she received for it finally induced her to come back. Produced by Mike Paulson, A Taste of Money is supposed to be the true life story of her return to erotic movies. Almost true, anyway.

Teamed with Constance in A Taste are top adult film stars John Leslie and Jamie Gillis, who along with Sharon Mitchell give Connie advice as she ponders the offer of an eager producer (Paul Thomas) to come back to the X-rated scene. The plot gets rather complex. Constance gets advice from her friend Sharon, while a masseur works her over.

This Original Theatrical Trailer is from a poor 8mm print source. The Full Movie in theater is in it’s best currently available DVD quality.


Jamie Gillis, who was the sex doctor who broke her in, in the opening of Misty, confides that he keeps a collection of Money memorabilia in a secret room. He shows Connie into the room, which is filled with all sorts of B&D equipment, and before she knows it, she is being broken in all over again. The scene is almost a remake from Misty, and it’s a truly memorable one. More >


Annette Haven in High School Memories, 1981 Film Poster

High School Memories (1980)

Voted “Best X-Rated Movie” at the 1982 ViRA Awards

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Starring: Annette Haven as Janice, Jamie Gillis as Salinas, Diana Holt, John Leslie, Dorothy LeMay, Lisa Thatcher and Richard Pacheco

Evidence is mounting that the erotic film industry has turned a corner, and the vision of hot movies that also work as cinema on all levels will become a reality in this decade. Already twice this year, CAV has reviewed at least three features that were solidly and tastefully put together; films that managed to involve the viewer in the story without losing any heat. WOMAN IN LOVE, DEEP RUB, and AMERICAN DESIRE all seemed to this reviewer to reach the highwater mark in erotic cinema, and now HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES joins that list.

Everyone who cares knows that Anthony Spinelli is one of the best directors in the business. His films have that “professional” look needed to garner bookings in the best theaters. Personally, I have sometimes felt that he gave so much attention to the non-sexual material that his sex scenes seemed a bit perfunctory. Not so with this his latest release.

HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES is hotter than an adolescent’s wet dream. It is a landscape people with lubricous cheerleaders who cheerfully spread for randy footballers. There is enough wacko silliness to make you think you’re watching yet another exercise in undergraduate humor. But wait! Something is different.

This Original Theatrical Trailer is from a poor VHS source. The Full Movie in theater is in it’s best currently available DVD quality.


For one thing, the humor is handled by a naturalness and deftness beyond the reach of all but the most accomplished Hollywood actors. Porno people may not be able to play ‘style’, but give them characters close to themselves, a little freedom to ad lib and be spontaneous , and they can sometimes be completely convincing. More >


The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976), XXX Film Poster

Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976)

WINNER! “Best Film” at the 1976 Adult Film Association of America Awards

 “Brilliant new porn film. No other film is going to equal this one. It simply has to be the best film of 1976. 100%.” - Al Goldstien, Mignight Blue

Watch or download ‘The Opening of Misty Beethoven’ in our theater 

Starring: Constance Money, Jaqueline Beudant, Jamie Gillis, Terry Hall, Gloria Leonard, Jenny Baxter, Mary Stuart, Marlene Willoughby,

Misty Beethoven, a Parisian streetwalker, meets Dr. Seymour Love who is doing research on a new sex book. Misty takes Dr. Love to a brothel where he questions her on the intimacies of her sex life. In the adjoining room he discovers Geraldine Rich, an old friend. Dr. Love makes a bet with Geraldine that he can transform Misty from a local hooker to an international jet-setter. He boasts that he can make her the girlfriend of the noted magazine publisher Lawrence Layman, and even gain the coveted title of THE GOLDENROD GIRL, given to the most exciting new playgirl on the scene.

Misty agrees and they take her to New York to begin her intensive sexual education. When they feel she is ready, Dr. Love, Geraldine and Misty go to Rome and Geneva where Misty engages in various and diverse erotic escapades. More >



Too Naughty to Say No (1985)


Watch or Download “Too Naughty To Say No” in our theater

Stars: Angel, Ginger Lynn, Cody Nicole, Lisa De Leeuw, Raven, Harry Reems, Jamie Gillis

That’s basically what happens in Suze Randall’s latest blood and cooze-boiling epic TOO NAUGHTY TO SAY NO, which Suze (rhymes with cooze) describes as “a randy irreverent account of a convent pupil’s adventures in the netherworld of perversion and prostitution…” The movie is all of that – almost!!!

The beautiful young convent girl – played appropriately by newcummer Angel, is in the convent garden preparing for her school finals under the supervision of Sister Rose (Lisa De Leeuw in another delicious role). With her is naughty fellow pupil Ginger Lynn, who can’t keep her eyes off the sexy black gardener. When Lisa takes Ginger off for her confession with fat Father John (Michael Morrison), Angel tickles her cloistered cunt and daydreams about the real meaning of the Biblical word “begat” which is the subject of her lesson. Angel is suddenly awakened by the sound of the honking horn. She discovers that Ginger has been transformed into a hot-to-trot hooker who has a date with a sleazy sex maniac (Jamie Gillis). Thinking that Angel is another hooker (‘I like your outfit – very original’), Gillis invites her for the ride – and angel is soon plunged cunt-deep into a series of nightmarish adventures.

This Original Theatrical Trailer is from a poor VHS source. The Full Movie in theater is in it’s best currently available DVD quality.

Angel, still in convent clothes, watches fascinated as Jamie does shocking things with Ginger’s fat twat. Gillis then switches his tongue to Ginger’s spicy asshole – “Tastes good – ever try this?” he asks Angel. “Is that begat?” asks the fascinated innocent, getting wet, as Gillis follows tongue with cock up Ginger’s ass. More >



Skin Flicks (1978)

Jun 12th

Finally Available Again!

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Starring : Sharon Mitchell, Beth Anna, Heather Young and Jill Munroe

The story line of Skin Flicks is uncomplicated and doesn’t get in the way of the raunchy action. In a nutshell, it tells about making a sex film and the problems of the director who wants to produce a film that is as beautiful as it is erotic. Conflict comes when the film’s backer, the big money man, demands lots of sex action and no frills.

The director, played by Tony Hudson, adds to his problems when he falls for the leading lady (Sharon Mitchell). He has to figure out how to direct her in sex scenes with other men and still keep his head screwed on straight. Later, he faces an artistic crisis; he has almost all of a big, beautiful, adult sex film in the can but he can’t figure out a logical erotic ending. Everything works out okay, however.

Along the way, there are a lot of dynamite sex scenes. Porn film veteran Jamie Gillis appears in a heavy role. He insists on seducing all the beautiful actresses. But major credit for the success of Skin Flicks must go to its young, energetic cast – and especially to beautiful Colleen Davis. With her talented mouth and tongue and her use of all her female erotic techniques, Colleen is a standout. One of her sex scenes is absolutely unforgettable. More >


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