Top Ten: major boobs and sodas

Top Ten

Ended the shower, I came into chamber  still naked.

We were in bed reading ... I carried around and approached her face.

I stared at me with malicious air and lifting it burst into and kissed my bullets.

It's short enough for kisses--within instants they became the small licking and it stimulated me all over--erections arrived exuberant!

She made into her mouth and started moving slowly ... feeling language wheeled around the chapel and I could do nothing but to enjoy!

Whilst I continued unbuttoned the bra and I started, pal ... major boobs and sodas.

I have agreed that would be my shift, I have paving and I removed the panties.

Was already wet and I went immediately to the clitoris, taking in my mouth and licking it good.

One loud groan made me understand the thing she loved and thus I went on ... move my tongue slowly from the ground up and reaching until the Clitus ...

This oral relationship has lasted a dozen minutes and then by movement of her catchment I realized I was for coming ...

I have accelerated the rhythm and it was silent and intensive climax ...

At this point I could restrain myself the most, I crashed above the the stomach and lapping the tits and .. I threaded bottom.

Did a wail, had not expected ... felt a bag wrap my cock.

I have immediately took a fast rate and heard the intense pleasure of army mind .... the movements of her womb were nearly hypnotics.

I kept long as I felt they had attained the threshold.

I mined and approached to the breasts ... you can imagine the ending?

Only The Good Parts: Top Ten Amateur Ex-Girlfriend Sex Videos

One of the greatest boons of having a girlfriend is that fantastic sex is always within arm’s reach. One of the greatest things about having an ex-girlfriend is watching your hardcore fuckfests and getting yourself off with an arm’s reach — all without a bit of emotional baggage!

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Ripe For The Bonin’: Top Ten Amateur Pregnant Sex Videos

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The Thinking Man’s BJ: Top Ten Amateur Chicks In Glasses Blowjob Videos


We know that chicks in glasses being smarter is a myth, but this particular group of bespectacled babes lends some truth to that postulation. Each wields tongue, hands and fingertips deftly along the head, down the shaft, and around the balls — we feel we are in the presence of true BJ masters.


Bone Like No One’s Watching: Top Ten Amateur Public Sex Videos


We’ve all been caught with the urge to fuck a companion’s brains out right there on the spot. The more demure of us jump in a cab or car, touching and fondling all the way home. Others among us, however, heed the call of the wild (even in man-made environs) the moment it strikes.

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Threesome’s The Charm: Top Ten Amateur Three-Way Sex Videos

The more the merrier, right? Except perhaps when it comes to bathroom lines or sharing pizza. But when it comes to the sweet world of knockin’ boots, three’s never a crowd. So grab your partner and your bestie, because it’s time to do-si-do.

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Make Way For The WILFs: Top Ten Amateur Wife Sex Videos

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In The Driver’s Seat: Top Ten Amateur POV Sex Videos

Naturally we’re fans of a fabulous bone from any angle, but there’s something extra titillating about being atop the peak of fuck mountain. Really it makes for a stunning panorama — the slippery luster of cock-craving pussies, the first hand view of a rock-hard dick thrusting its way inside. Every part is highlighted in its full, fucking sensational glory.

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Who’s The Hottest Of Them All: Top Ten Amateur Mirror Sex Videos

If there’s anything better than boning someone sexy, it’s watching yourself bone that sexy piece. Thanks to our centuries-old friend the mirror, people have been able to get off on themselves getting off with ease.

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Lie Back And Close Your Eyes: Top Ten Amateur Missionary Sex Videos

It’s likely the first position we turned to when exploring the world of sex for the first time. It’s a position that’s gotten us coming through the ages, and will carry us forward for centuries more. Like a pea coat or little black dress, missionary never goes out of style.

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We Heart Heavy Metal: Top Ten Amateur Pierced Sex Videos

Although we love all parts of the naked body, genitals are generally our very favorite. They deserve to be adorned and embellished and laden with jewels, celebrating all they do for us. Then they deserve to be smashed together in a metallic symphony of joy.

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Rise To The Occasion: Top Ten Amateur Standing Sex Videos

Did you know 91% of all sexual encounters* occur in a horizontal position? Though any sex is good sex, there are some gallant fuckers among us who choose to swim against that current — and we salute you. So now, let us take things off the bed and up against the wall.

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Playing Where The Sun Don’t Shine: Top Ten Amateur Ass-Eating Videos

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Super Size Us: Top Ten Amateur Big Tit Sex Videos

A field of wildflowers, a rushing mountain stream, a West Coast sunset, a pair of massive, bouncing breasts — all of these are things of beauty, which make us pause in quiet reflection.

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Journey To The Center Of The Puss: Top Ten Amateur Fingering Videos

Ah, the pussy. It has long remained a place of mystery; an enigma many have pondered but few have mastered. It is a thing of slippery wet wonder, fascination, and beauty.

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Ride ‘Em Hard & Put ‘Em Back Wet: Top Ten Amateur Cowgirl Sex Videos

We imagine for a dude, cowgirl might be the position of all positions. You get full boob views and grabbability, all while seeing your cock sliding in and out of a bouncing babe.

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This Summer I Went Swimming: Top Ten Amateur Pool Sex Videos

With the sun sparkling warm on glistening waters, warm, glistening parts just a slip of fabric away… the pool makes a perfect place to bone your hearts out.

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You’re Not Going Anywhere: Top Ten Amateur Bondage Sex Videos

Ah, the gateway to kink. A little light BDSM can open the floodgates to a wild whitewater world of miscreant sexual escapades… So hop on your rafts, ’cause we’re goin’ in!

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And I’ll Fuck If I Want To: Top Ten Amateur Birthday Sex Videos

Birthday parties. Birthday presents. Birthday suits. Birthday sex. Fuck clowns and toys, adult birthdays are where it’s at. Especially considering the best gift one can get is absolutely free.

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Where The Cups Runneth Over: Top Ten Amateur Tit-Fucking Videos

You’re here; we’re here — it’s pretty safe to say we all love us some tits. From there, we don’t think it’s too far a stretch to assume we’d all love to plunge our figurative (or literal) dicks into a particularly bounteous pair if given the chance. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s live out our fantasies.

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Please Pass The Pussy: Top Ten Amateur Table Sex Videos

Whether it be the place you set your coffee and the morning paper, lay out an elaborate spread for a friendly dinner party, or set your bare ass on to get bent over and neatly fucked from behind, tables are a person’s best friend.

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Top Ten Ended the shower, I came into chamber   still naked. We were in bed reading ... I carried around and approached her face . I stared at me with malicious air and lifting it burst into and kissed my bullets . It's short enough for kisses -- within instants they became the small licking and it ...» more Dogmeat