Last flight to Vegas (liquor store looks Mercedes)

Last flight to Vegas (liquor store looks Mercedes)

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Page 25 - They are not shaking or sweating, but they create a tension thick with guilt and persecution. Their luck being inversely proportionate to their need, they always lose. Sera is disturbed when they appear, and turns away, not from the hopelessness of their situation, which they take far too seriously, but from the intensity of their suffering, which will forever make them victims in their own minds.
Page 127 - Ben pulls back out into traffic for the short drive ahead. Instantly there is between them, however slight, that elusive chemistry which occurs only occasionally when two people meet. Always a welcome surprise, it is a sort of quick familiarity, implied permission to conduct relations at a level which is a bit deeper than the superficiality of introduction. Ben senses this and is beaming.
Page 19 - She was haunted, pursued, tortured emotionally, sometimes physically, day and night by the one who had made her the object of his obsession. She was and would become his last, best gold chain, an unwilling bauble on his furry chest.
Page 6 - And she is a good thing, good at this thing. Paying for and using her, there are always men available. The tricks turn to her, for she glistens with the appealing inaccessibility of the always introspective. They turn to...
Page 38 - Her ears absently fix on the tick-clicking of the casino's money wheel, first accelerating rapidly and then taking forever to slowly come to a stop, each click lingering slightly longer in the ear than the previous one until the final surprising eternal ick, which merely precedes another in an endless series of spins.
Page 173 - I'll wear them tonight. I'll wear one of them tonight," she says. At first she thinks that she may have made a tactless slip, as she is planning to work tonight. But then she relaxes, recalling that this issue, when last discussed, was left on a comfortable note. But Ben has one of those moments that are the liability of any drunk, when the meaning that he is attempting to convey is mismatched with unfortunate words, and by the time...
Page 65 - ... small quantity. It takes about five hours to drive from Los Angeles to Nevada, land of anytime alcohol, and there are no commercial flights at that hour. Teasing, gnawing, when you're out of liquor at twothirty in the morning it looms, conceptually bad, in the back of your head. Ben has...
Page 5 - Angeles, but the story that she knows is working well here, working at its best here, and she wishes to stay here in Las Vegas, where she arrived long enough ago that she now calls it home when speaking with herself.
Page 77 - ... independently operating motor skills. His heart provides the musical accompaniment as the drinks are finished and he walks his crooked line home, as he clutches his bag of vodka and makes the distance to his door, as he puts his parcel on the floor carefully—even his body knows how important it is—and stumbles to his bed, where he turns off.
Page 88 - The inconvenience of having to keep track of time is steadily growing as his inclination and even his ability to do so diminishes.

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John O'Brienand that note was Leaving Las Vegas. He was only 33 years old. ... Leaving Las Vegas, Assault on Tony's, and Stripper Lessons. ...

About the author (1995)

Jane O'Connor and John O'Brien also collaborated on the companion title "Sir Small and the Dragonfly," They both live in New York City.

What Happened in Vegas

Front Cover
It happened in Vegas... A sizzling encounter that turned into a scorching biweekly affair. How he’d ended up in bed with a woman like Robin was still a mystery to Paul. One minute they were riding the same elevator and the next he was riding her, the attraction so fierce and immediate he couldn’t remember how they reached his room or even shed their clothes. But when Robin suggested they take their relationship to the next level, Paul panicked, prompting her to walk out on him with her head held high and his heart in her hands. Four months later, he’s got her in an elevator again, ready and willing, but with her emotions tucked safely away. He’s got one shot to prove that what happened in Vegas can happen anywhere in the world, for the rest of their lives.
Includes the bonus short story, Salacious Robinson

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