STAR VIRGIN Kari Klark Hillary Summers - eBay (favorite film)

The Star Virgin (Kari Klark) wakes up on her spaceship far in the future and asks her robot helper to educate her on the sexual history of the human race. What follows are explicit vignettes of Adam and Eve as horny highschoolers in a car eventually seduced by a "serpent," a lost couple's visit to Dracula's castle on a stormy night where the wife is plundered by Dracula and Igor (wearing a Nixon mask! pictured; this is the only scene in black and white, the rest of the video is in color), two cheerleaders taking on an injured quarterback, and more.

"Kari Klark in one of her most provacative roles to date. This newfound beauty explodes across the screen along with seven lusty lovelies from the pages of Hustler and Chic, as they indulge their desires with universal delight and eroticism."

  • Scene 1. Sam Grady, Tina Louise
  • Scene 2. Johnny Hardin, Jeanette Harlow, Tricky Dicky
  • Scene 3. Hillary Summers, Mike Ranger, Terri Dolan
  • Scene 4. 7 guys, Brenda Leggs, Brian Flynn, Mike Ranger, Sam Grady, Zen Kitty
  • Scene 5. Kari Klark

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