Constraint City Straitjacket Video Links (Making these Apture-fied One at a Time)

Constraint City Straitjacket Video Links
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(Making these Apture-fied One at a Time)


The cover of The Drama According to Bernadette Cooper (MCA10058)
features Cooper in a black leather SJ.

, an obscure late-'70s hard rock band, had a woman with
tigress makeup in an older Posey SJ (metal buckles and grommets, straps
in front) on the cover of their eponymously titled LP, with
disembodied muscular arms holding her.

The inside flyer for
Kate Bush's "Rubberband Girl" CD-single
has a pic of her SJed, taken from the music video (see below).

And of course, there's Pat Benatar on
Get Nervous,
which is still in print. Head shots from the same photo session also
appeared on
the sleeves of the American 45s for "Little Too Late" and "Shadows
of the Night", the labels of a 12-inch single of "Shadows of the
Night" pressed on blue vinyl, and the cover of the video collection
Hit Videos
, which contains the video for the "Anxiety
(Get Nervous)".

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Karen DiBiasse, vocalist for Girl on Top, is seen in a fake
SJ on the cover of Sue is Sane (STR).

The female rapper Bo$$ (see her listing in Music Videos)
is seen in an SJ on the cover of her 1993 album Born Gangstaz.
The video is back up on YouTube.

The cover for the CD "Sadness Will Prevail" by Today is the Day
shows what could be an SJed woman, huddled in a corner.

On the cover for
"Something's Gotta
Roosevelt Franklin, a young woman sees herself SJed in a
mirror (looks like a Posey).

The cover for "Dysfunctional"
by the
group Sal looks like it has an SJ on the cover, but it's too
small to determine if it's real or not.

The cover for the Greater Than B CD
"Songs For Therapy"
shows an SJed woman lying on a quilt.


Duran Duran 's video for "Come Undone"
featured a woman thrown underwater in chains and a full-length
quasi-SJ made out of shiny fabric, with closed sleeves and ties
at the ends; she lip-syncs the female backup vocals and escapes
from the restraints by the video's end. Like so many videos nowadays,
this is
available on YouTube.

Bo$$ , a female rapper, made a video for the song "Deeper",
which featured a young black woman with short hair, tied in a Posey
SJ, and locked in a padded cell in a state prison. The end of the
video showed the SJ on the bottom of the cell, with blood covering
the walls; the woman is nowhere to be seen. A hi-res video file is
available at Boss'
Music site.

One of the members of Skunk Anansie, a tall athletic black
woman, appears in a rubber SJ in the video for "Charity."

Lari White , a country-&-western singer, made a video for
"Wild At Heart" which took place in a mental ward, with White in an
SJ. Outraged cries from mental health advocates quickly resulted
in its removal from the airwaves. Amazingly enough, it's available on
Music .

The video for "Therapy" by the Infectious Grooves (with Ozzy
Osbourne on guest vocals) had two split-second shots of a crying
blonde in an SJ.
It's available on YouTube
and at

The video for Quiet Riot's "Cum On Feel The Noize" is set in
an asylum, and you can occasionally see an SJed female in the frame.

Pat Benatar spends some time in a Posey SJ in the video for
"Anxiety (Get Nervous)." Here's the video on YouTube,
while it lasts (Thanks to highwing).

I've heard that there's a SJed woman in the video "Falling in Love
(Is Hard On The Knees)" by Aerosmith. I haven't seen the
entire video, but I did see a clip on an awards show that showed
lead singer Steven Tyler in an SJ. I've also read that an SJ was
used in their video for "Crazy."

In the video "Toxygene" by the electronica group The Orb, a
blonde is seen in a Posey SJ for about 30 seconds. It's available on
YouTube .

In the video "Crazy Love" by R&B singer Rome (featuring
Chill), inmates at the "Loony Bin" perform dance sequences in
brown (suede) SJs. Quite surreal. Someone's got it up on
YouTube .

Kate Bush spends some time in a canvas SJ in the video for
"Rubberband Girl," which is available on the "Whole Story '94" video
CD and the video "The Line, The Cross, and The Curve." Bush is
placed into a lace-up SJ by one of the male dancers in the video,
but they spend their time waving their arms around, and she never
gets properly tied. The video's been uploaded to
YouTube .

In the Alice Cooper video
"How You Gonna See
Me Now?" ,
Cooper is released from an asylum and returns to his old home, only
to find that his family is being SJed and loaded in an ambulance.
The three family members, two of whom are female, are wearing
regulation canvas SJs and the familiar Alice Cooper eye makeup.
(thanks to Rodrigo)

In the video for "Violently Happy," Bjork bounces around in a
small room, wearing a gown with very long sleeves. Her scenes are i
ntercut with scenes of other people in the same room, acting
strangely. This is a rather ephemeral entry, but I enjoy playing
the nerdish completist. :-) Anyway, you can check it out on
YouTube .

Speaking of ephemera, Tori Amos is seen in an SJ with
untied arms in her video for "Cornflake Girl."

The British soul singer Ultra Nate wears a silver
SJ-dress in the video for "Free." You can examine it on
YouTube .

In the video "Ava Adore" by The Smashing Pumpkins,
there is a scene in a mental hospital with an SJed woman, at the
beginning. Check it out on YouTube.

The video for the dance song "I Can't Help Myself" features
Lucid in an SJ; you can see it on
YouTube .

One version of the Suicidal Tendencies video Institutionalized
contains shots of the protagonists' parents SJed, as well as an SJ
fashion show (?!?):

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Aaaaaaaaand it's now up on YouTube!

The N'Sync video "I Drive Myself Crazy" ends with shots of two
of the band's
girlfriends in loosely tied Posey SJs. The video, of course, is
available on

Some people think Kelis is wearing a leather SJ in her
video "Caught Out There," and others think she's just wearing a
regular jacket, with her arms crossed. You can see for yourself at

The video for "Wrack My Brain" by
Ringo Starr shows him exploring a dank basement and
discovering the Frankenstein monster and two SJed women, one of whom
was his wife Barbara Bach. More details can be found at the
Beatles Diary
site, and the video is back on YouTube.

The video for "Something Beautiful" by the nu-metal band Cauterize
is a
homage to the classic Twilight Zone episode "Terror at 20,000
Feet", with
an attractive brunette filling in for William Shatner, and the band
taking turns as the monster on the wing. At the end, the Posey-jacketed
woman is
loaded into an ambulance:

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It's now available on YouTube.

The video for "Damn Sexy" by Posh seems to take place in a
mental hospital, with the female singer SJed for a good part of the
clip, which can be downloaded at the
- Power Pop
site, and is
also available on YouTube.

The video for "Crazy Chick" by teen opera
singer Charlotte Church contains a few shots of her in a
magician's SJ (it appears to have that leather strip down the middle
of the front). A portion of the video is available "exclusively" from
but it appears the entire video can be downloaded from the
as well as YouTube.

What is it with classical singers and SJs these days? At the end of
the video for "My Reason" by Keedie, the singer
is struggling in a grey SJ with several chains attached. You can see
the video on YouTube.

Missy Elliot ends up in a black
leather SJ in a padded cell for much of the video for
The clip is up on YouTube.

The video for The

Falling Kind
by Veda features an untied SJ.

The video for Life on The Sun's song
has some brief SJ shots.

There's some nice SJ shots in the video
by Ripped, as well as in the

(thanks to Renfield). There's another behind-the-scenes shot on

There's a brief shot of an SJed woman struggling in a chair at the end
of "Rock You To Hell" by
Grim Reaper. This video is mocked in episode 109 ("Bad Dog";
original air date 02/09/1995) of the old
Beavis and Butthead show.
The full video, which contains
another brief SJ shot
that wasn't in B&B, is up for viewing on YouTube
(thanks, ARNie).

Mexican singer Ana Barbara is seen in a weak-looking SJ in the
video for

There are some decent SJ shots in the video for
"Elisa" by Vidoll.

The video for "Tight Beatz" by Alien Entertainment featuring Furious
takes place
in a mental ward, where several patients magically materialize in a
padded cell and start
dancing to the song. However, the attendents come and SJ them and place
them back in their
individual cells. You can see the video on YouTube.

The video for Zoey's cover of Bjork's
"Venus as a Boy"
has some
excellent shots of the Japanese singer struggling in a red-collared
Posey SJ with
roller-buckle straps.

Most of the video for
"The Phrase That Pays"
The Academy Is... shows the (male) lead singer in an SJ, but at
the very end,
we see the actress portraying a nurse in an SJ, straps in front with no

The video for Embas' song
"Realidad Elusiva
contains some
nice SJ shots.

The video for "Black
Million Dollar Baby has some shots of the attractive blonde
singer in an SJ
with leather straps in the front, and a lot of good struggling.

The video for "Cane
(a real-life
abandoned mental institution) by Finding Pedro
shows the lead singer in a smock-type SJ, and looks like it was shot in

The video for "Coma"
by Smith Island
follows the hallucinations of a woman in a coma at a hospital, and shows
her in what appears
to be a smock-style SJ.

At the end of the video for "Headstrong"
by Liisi Koikson, the singer tries to escape from a mental
hospital, but is wrestled into an SJ
by two orderlies and led back to her room.

There are some nice shots of a woman struggling in a magician's SJ in
the video for
"The Falling Kind"
by Vedera.

In the video for "Crazy"
Sheeck featuring Suga Free, one woman is seen struggling
in a low-cut
SJ-style top.

The lead singer for Psycho Nation dances in a custom SJ in the
"Living Dead".

The members of the girl group Her Sanity make all-too-brief
appearances in
SJs at the beginning and end of the video for

The video for
"Bonzaion" by Loco

has a scene with SJed men and women dangling in a room.

The video for Kenny Texeira's

shows him in a fake SJ throughout, being taunted by a nurse and two
orderlies, but the
nurse falls for him and ends up SJed at the end.
Controversial Mexican singer Gloria Trevi appears in a
smock-style SJ in
the performance video for "Dr. Psiquiatra" (which appears on the La
Historia DVD),
and an actress is shown in a similar Sj in the video for

The new video for "Outta My Head" by Ashlee Simpson ends with her
tied in a fake SJ and flying around a padded cell. There's a pic of her
and of course the entire video is available at
YouTube also has a
promo video
with more SJ footage.

In her video "vglyad
Russian singer Linda spends most of her time in a long
smock-style SJ.

The video for "Damage" by Fit For Rivals features singer Renee
Phoenix in a padded cell, wearing a green-collared Posey with roller
buckles and metal grommets on the straps. The entire video (with lots
of great shots of Phoenix) is available on Vimeo. There's a few
behind-the-scene photos at Blank
Image Arts
and similar video footage on YouTube.

The rather astounding video for "Mi Delirio" by
the Mexican singer Anahi not only shows the blonde twitching in a
white canvas SJ with a collar and leather straps, but also contains a
scene with her SJed body tied to a table with duct tape and (it's
suggested) subjected to ECT! She also wears a fetish-style brown
leather corseted collar in the latter scene.
This making-of-the-video
shows the set up for the main part of the video, while this fan
contains a shot of the ECT scene.

Ana Cyzon is seen energetically struggling in a green-collared
Posey in the video for her song "Reputation". You
can also find stills from the video at the singer's MySpace

The video for Fun
by metal band A Wilhelm Scream shows three young women
in black SJs in padded cell, as well as the male singer in a white
jacket. You can also see pics from the video shoot at Act 5 Scene 3

In the video for My
Chick Bad
by Ludacris, featured singer Nicki Minaj is
briefly seen in a hot pink SJ with her arms untied.

Benetton ran an ad featuring a group of people in
weak-looking SJs (they look more like art smocks).

In Susan Faludi's book Backlash, she mentions an advert
by Seruchi Jeans that has a woman in an SJ. Has anybody
seen this?

There was an advert for the MAD TV comedy show with the
cast in various Posey SJs. I've seen this in TV GUIDE and in

DuBouchett, a manufacturer of hard liquors, ran an ad campaign
for the "DuBouchett Asylum,"

the materials of which included a picture of a woman in an SJ and rubber
skirt. This was devised by the
ad agency red7e, and you can read the story of that and other
"hot ad agencies"

There is also a very small picture of the ad at

Moore Business Forms, Inc., ran an ad in 1952 depicting a hapless
secretary SJed by office inefficiency.

Star 94, an Atlanta
radio station, showed an SJed female DJ in a recent billboard ad.

eWire has an article on
which includes a small pic of a woman in a leather SJ.

The Australian hair care company
managed to get a lot of people
angry when they ran the "Headcase" and "Schizophrenia" combo ads,
an SJed woman.

What is it with these Australians?
I read that Kia Ora Phone Cards pissed people off with an
ad showing a "woman chatting on the phone, when several men in white
coats barged in, clothed her in a straitjacket and bundled her
screaming and kicking into the back of a large white van." Apparently,
she was using a rival company's service which cost more, and only a
crazy person would do that . . .

A magazine advert for the reality show Bridezillas showed a
woman in a magician's SJ and wedding dress, with the tag line
"Engaged. Enraged. About to be committed!" There was another small
pic at the
Woman's Entertainment Network site.

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An Australian TV ad for Pringles potato chips briefly shows an
SJed woman. You can see it on YouTube.