LISTEN Bonny Lee Bakley--Let's Not Dream (70s Psycho Stalker Pop - Leebonny) She's worse than Kenya w/o Autoimmune!

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Poor thing - she'd have platinum albums with today's technologyπŸ˜…



I don't understand why she didn't make it as a singer?!? 😭😰😰😰😰

Queenie4rl Getting murdered really stifled her sure fire path to musical success.


Honestly, I think that Future - Turn On The Lights might be even worse than Kenya

How did she DO that? She hits least three notes at once! This is truly unforgettable...thank you for sharing it. To only have been the proverbial "fly on the wall" at this session! Doh-hanks!!

Oh My God! This is even better than the cassette I sent to Michael Musto​ which he wrote about in the Village Voice pre-RB (something about 'Heaven's Band' and her wanting to be in it). I got to know her when she was sending lonelyheart letters to old men from the back of magazines. i helped her stuff them when i was in Memphis recording Linda Gail Lewis's comeback solo LP, International Affair, for New Rose Records. This may be the spookiest best thing i've ever heard!

She was a good song writer

Was there one vocal note that was accurate? No. Not one. And she is singing twice on this track.


Her voice gets me hard

I love that whoever produced this layered her vocals in a vain attempt to make her vocals sound stronger. Instead it sounds like two awful singers in the shower.

Did they have her sing once on two different channels or something? There is a weird echo effect going on.