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(video) Jerry Lee Lewis Sister - Frankie Jean Lewis (RIP) Tav Falco: Incredible!

“more twang per syllable than prime Duane Eddy, belting and screeching like a flat-out hillbilly… She’s Jerry Lee’s sister, wildass before anything else.” 

Patrick Mathe Alex Greene Tav Falco

oh, and doug easley and I produced it as the last offering of the old backyard studio before he hit the big time. 
buy it on ebay. and buy me one too.
Tav Falco
Tav Falco I remember when you and Doug were cutting that record with Linda Gail, but I thought she is the cousin of JLL.
Doug Meet
Doug Meet no, the youngest sis. his older sister just passed a year ago in Ferriday where she was running the greatest museum in the known world--of course, dedicated to her infallible brother and filled with orig. photos and basically everything he ever touche...See More
Doug Meet
Doug Meet i stole this from some dutch tourists, but it shows the woman at her Lewis proudest! RIP http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xaoracManage
Tav Falco
Tav Falco Doug Meet Incredible!
Doug Meet
Doug Meet read my description for this interview. it's another one that took me 25 years to find: 

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