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The Battle Of Earl K. Long--stupid enough to get mixed up in Louisiana politics

In 1958 or 1959 Ernie Barton recorded ''The Battle Of Earl K. Long'' b/w ''The Man With A Heart Of Gold''    for Honesty Records in Memphis. The record was designed to promote the gubernatorial ambition of    Louisiana's Earl K. Long, who was serving his third term as governor, but considered resigning so that he could run a constitutionally prohibited fourth time. ''Ann Higdon was Earl Long's niece''. said Barton, ''and    Long was trying to run for governor again. She'd written this poem, ''The Battle Of Earl K. Long''. It didn't    really work until I changed it around. I already had this song, ''She's Got A Heart Of Gold'', and I changed    that to ''The Man With A Heart Of Gold''. 

Sam put the deal together 'cause he got the publishing on both of    them. It got played off loudspeakers and was given away in supermarkets and the like. 

I was young enough    and stupid enough to get mixed up in Louisiana politics''.

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