Jerry Lee Lewis Drunkest Whole Lotta Shakin' 1,095,544 views

Published on Sep 9, 2011
Jerry Lee Lewis Drunkest Whole Lotta Shakin'

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Doug Maet
if you're wondering, Jerry had flown all the way to Australia and no one can blame him, he'd taken a few mandrax (Andy McLenon can vouch for me in a Baton Rouge Mall that they may make you dizzy), but then because of the time difference, etc.

he may have had a touch of Seagram's before the show, which sounds completely tame these days compared to some of these long-haired heavy metal kids who take hard drugs, can't perform on stage, and then go back to their hotel room and die. 
this is what makes the difference between the poseurs and the Killer. he can disembark the longest flight that there is and play the best version of the greatest song recorded 25 years ago and make it new.

one night i asked him how he could play that song every night, and he answered,

'how can you listen to it'!

long live the killer, the chiller, and my favorite sister, ms. linda gail lewis

 these are the most idiotic comments i've ever seen on one of my videos.  i like it a lot.  some of them are so funny that they will make you laugh at their crazy fecklessness

Seán S

Jerry Lee, drunk, is still a better performer and musician than 100% of chart toppers in this day and age.

Tim Carter
Agreed and well said.

Doug Maet
well, i asked him the same question backstage at the New Orleans House of Blues, and he replied, "Well, Killer, how can you listen to it so much!

I wanna get drunk and fuck my cousin!!!

G.O. D.
I fucked my sister .... sober and with The killer playing

Garrett Biddinger
Triunp what the hell is wrong with all of you hillbillies

Michael Craig
Jerry Lee is the greatest, dont fuck with my boy Jerry Lee!! He is rock and roll!!

Michael Craig
+Johnny CashFan No worries, I like Johnny too, I cover some of his tunes also. But not Folsom Blues, because everyone else covers it. I cover Stripes and a few more, I cover tunes by a wide variety of classic people, I cover some Hank Williams too. I know you got to like his tunes.. its all good..tons of great tunes out there..

Johnny CashFan
+Michael Craig The special thing on Johnny Cash is that he influenced every style of music. Wrote more than 5000 songs and had a bigger heard than all of us. 

cindy pruitt
He's a million times better drunk then any artist today sober. 

I think he was drunk on every other performance and he was sober for this one performance

+rickard larsson maybe it was the meth?

+Steve Austin it was the great balls of fire! 

Mike Sheffield
Jerry Lee would tell you all to kiss his ass. Lol

erik wallin
I don't care how drunk or jacked up he is JLL jammed and everyone knew how he was but I still think he is or was one of the best performers of all time he should of hit Elvis status! In my opinion. 
Embcii Bee
+erik wallin he almost untill his LOUD MOUTH WIFE caused all the Havoc back in England.

bushbaby 1
Jerry lee and Keith Richards will outlive the last cockroach.

Sue Mccown
he ain't drunk he's just crazy

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