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Red Stick Punkumentary: Baton Rouge 'The Bayou'

i know you're very punk but i found this description of the Bayou, which i wrote many years ago to contextualize one of our videos and which i thought the people involved here might like only as it regards the Bayou and its denizens from that time. 


i don't care about promotion for the bands (jett rink and the solar skates and our favorite band), only because i think the person who runs this page made some derogatory comment regarding a video submitted by my bandmate; and since i don't know who you are, i just thought i would paste it up here before or if this documentary ever comes to fruition. 
good luck,

Our Favorite Band
Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings
Big Time, New Rose, Praxis
May 11, 1987

Our Favorite Band
Dreamin' of Eternity
Our Favorite Band (videos)

From their Big Time/New Rose LP release, 'Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings', this video clip represents a rough edit for a proposed OFB Music Video which was to have coincided with the release of their debut album.

Produced by New York filmmaker (Searching For Cormac) and television producer (The Men Who Killed Kennedy-PBS), Eric Davies, this document now serves as the only online, extant example of a live Our Favorite Band performance, videotaped at 'The Bayou', their preferred venue for local performance and watering hole of choice (no longer open for business, this bare, college drinking establishment was featured in Steven Sodeberg's first feature film, 'Sex, Lies, and Videotape').

Located on Chimes Street in the geographic center of the Huey Long-built Louisiana State University campus of the Capital City of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, 'The Bayou' was the premiere proving ground for any band who professed sensibilities toward Punk/New Wave in the tumbleweed days of the form. 

With its mixture of Rednecks, Academicians, Cocaine Dealers and LSD Throwbacks in Hawkwind tees, its roster ran the gamut from Southern Rock 'n' Roll to Country and Western, and hosted nearly every local and touring band on their way to or from New Orleans.

The song which this video partially documents is entitled 'Dreamin' of Eternity (in the Bosom of Sweet Jesus)', and is featured on their LP, 'Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings', including REM's Michael Stipe, performing his first and only duet guest appearance before or since.

We hope you enjoy catching a glimpse of the reclusive Steely Dan of the Swamps in an incomplete but fully representative performance. from Donald Spicer on Vimeo.

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