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OFB - I needed Pink Cadillac to make it complete--James Barber

 http://www.narip.com/wp-content/uploads/Barber-Jim.jpg I needed Pink Cadillac to make it complete. that's like saying, "Thanks for not getting upset that i am the only person in the world who both owns and promoted the most obscure record by 'the vanilla five' (sic), and selflessly included it in an even more ultra-obscure celebration of my happiest times of being a college dj, who for the last time in my life was enjoying his non-paying job on which your under-500, self-made, homemade, barely made e.p.s were included, because you must have been the most pre-internet spongeworthy, pulse-taking motherfucker on the planet when independent, pre-americana was not just a concept but a desperate Darwinian speck of food for people who had nothing except fanzines and 'New York Rocker' ads to help them" ... I needed pink Cadillac to make it complete. speaking for Donald and myself, i don't think anyone else would have ever taken a chance, and we appreciate your possibly wrongheaded foresight. any plans for a praxis records anthology in the air? i kinda think jack emerson deserves it more than clive davis in a way. love, m

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