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now that George Zimmerman has been found innocent


now that George Zimmerman has been found innocent, i have decided to fight my jaywalking citation (my first misdemeanor) on the corner of flamingo and boulder on the grounds that i was reverse racially profiled, after being forced to ride a las vegas bus.  

i will consider any and all inquiries by defense attorneys wishing to represent my crossing the street under the defense that las vegas streets are one mile wide and that its cross-streets are one mile away from each other, and that a flashing hand may possibly mean many different things to many different people of many different races. 

also, punitively, i was threatened by the arresting motorcycle officer who told me that two people had been killed in the last week doing the same thing.  

as a side note, i am seeking further damages for emotional distress from confusion caused by the crack whore speaking to me in the median who was relieved to convey to me that the police was 'for me' as she sashayed across the crosswalk toward Sam's Town Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas.

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