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  1. The Whip Blog - A novel by Karen Kondazian

    3 days ago – Abstinence from liquor is requested, but if you must drink, share the bottle. ... shoulder for a pillow; he or she may not understand and friction may result. ... It presents strong women characters, like the now grown-up Peggy, who ... or church organs than anybody else, you will find a broad hard-beaten road ...
  2. If a man is beating you with a whip and you love the whip, what is he ...

    1 day ago – If a man is beating you with a whip and you love the whip, what is he doing to you? .... of "visualguidanceltd" [Sweden's biggest export since few men and women with more umlauts in their name than a heavy metal band's Heineken rider, .... Maybe when she asked you, you needed them for you, not for her.
  3. British English Idioms - UsingEnglish.com

    www.usingenglish.com › ReferenceIdioms
    Apr 25, 2012 – Be up the spout: If a woman is up the spout, she is pregnant. ... By a long chalk: If you beat somebody by a long chalk, you win ... Coals to Newcastle: Taking, bringing, or carrying coals to Newcastle is doing something that is completely ... Fair crack of the whip: If everybody has a fair crack of the whip, they ...
  4. Whip It by Devo Songfacts

    Songfacts™: You can leave comments about the song at the bottom of the page. ... them had a drum beat that was very interesting, it became the 'Whip It' drum beat. ... of the other songs we were doing, and we had no idea it would become a hit. ... When her daughter, who appears to be a junior-high Goth girl, sees her, she ...

    You see her style, you think she nice You look at her whip, you say the whip tight ... But everything she's got, the girl's been given She call it a blessing but you call it living When it come to ... by Zac Brown Band; Love the Way You Lie Lyrics ... i was like this is so hot and it has a nice hip hop beat but the message is great.

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