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Dying from rectal cancer (Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center)

dying from rectal cancer Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center

I BROUGHT an old lady dying from rectal cancer to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center's ER today.

Kyle, the nurse and her attending physician treated her for hemorrhoids and discharged her in an hour with a referral to see a primary care physician. When asked what they had given her for pain, I was told 'nothing'! When asked what they were going to give her for pain, Kyle responded that he would ask the doctor to prescribe her Motrin.

After a few minutes of disbelief I decided to leave before losing my temper. Upon seeing Kyle in the hallway coming back from the doctor, I asked him how the Motrin request had gone for this 73-year-old, 75 pound woman in the last stages of cancer, suffering with severe abdominal pain whom I had found struggling in the parking lot of my apt. complex and with whom I had spent the last 6 hours.

I suppose, even though I never raised my voice, there was a bit of sarcasm evident in its tone as a result of their incompetent, cursory exam and subsequent failure of treatment approaching even a third-world country.

Kyle returned to her room to discharge her and I was informed by my girlfriend (who was waiting with her) that Kyle informed her that because of my remark in the hallway (he had considered calling security), he had decided to withhold any and all pain medicine prescriptions for her discharge (including Motrin).

I think I'll be forwarding this report to as many people as may take an interest, as well as to her brother and sister whom I immediately contacted and who have decided to retain legal representation so that this animal (Kyle) never gets to grow up to be a real doctor and that Sunrise feels a little pain themselves from its logical legal outcome. — at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.

  • Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center Hi Mayuryo, thank you for sharing your comments with us. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your concerns with you. Please call (702) 731-8200 at your earliest convenience. Please leave your contact information and someone will get back with you on this as soon as possible. Due to our privacy policy, we must remove any comments that specifically name any staff members at our facility.

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