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  • Elvis comes early
    (Canberra Times, October 18 2009, p. 9)
    Elvis the helicopter - one of Victoria’s key bushfire weapons - will start duty a month earlier this year to help fire authorities be better prepared for the bushfire season. The helicopter will be on the job from the third week of November. An additional [AUD] $21 million is being spent over the next four years to improve fire protection on public land around Melbourne’s urban fringes.

  • Move over, Elvis, here’s Elsie
    By Emily Sherlock
    (Canberra Times, October 21, 2007, p. 6)
    Fresh from battling the Greek fires, air-crane pilot Don Mcleod is back in Australia and gearing up for what is predicted to be a “dangerous” bush fire season. The pilot will be based in Canberra again this year providing vital support to local fire crews. Two air cranes - Elvis and Elsie - also touched down in Australia last week and are being assembled and tested before their contracts start late next month. It is believed that Elsie will be based in Canberra and Elvis in Melbourne.

    … While the helicopters attracted a lot of attention because of their fire-fighting capacity - holding 9800 litres (or 9.8 tonnes) - of water collected in 35 seconds, Mr Mcleod said the fire fighters on the ground wre true heroes. “They [helicopters] are just another tool in the arsenal,” he said. …
  • Move over Elvis, Rocky scoops the pool: Liquid asset - the Rocky Skycrane can draw 9000 litres of water in less than 50 seconds
    By Jonathan Pearlman
    (Sydney Morning Herald, November 25, 2005)
    The state’s latest weapon against bushfires can carry 9000 litres of water, costs about $4 million a season and is named after a flying squirrel with an annoying voice. The Rocky Skycrane, named after the sleuthing rodent in the cartoon series Rocky and Bullwinkle, arrived in Sydney from Oregon and unveiled yesterday by the Government and the NSW Rural Fire Service. A spokesman for the fire service, Murray Hillan, said the helicopter could scoop a tankful of water in less than 50 seconds. To fill up, it needs a water source that is at least a metre deep and 70 metres clear of obstacles. … “Rocky will be a very reassuring sight for property owners, landholders and national park users this summer. It is essentially the same type of aircraft as the famous Elvis.”…

  • Fire service backs claim ‘Elvis’ overrated
    (ABC News Online, January 25, 2005)
    The South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) has backed claims that heavy-lift helicopters, such as the Erikson Sky Crane nicknamed “Elvis”, are overrated and expensive tools in the firefighting effort. A national inquiry into bushfire mitigation has found that helicopters are no more effective than ground crews. CFS chief officer Euan Ferguson has faced criticism because of delays in calling in water bombers for the deadly Eyre Peninsula bushfires and he agrees with the inquiry findings. “That’s one of our concerns, that Elvis is overrated,” he said. “Firefighting aircraft generally are overrated and if I can just perhaps snatch a couple of words from the report, which says that ‘the effective practice of firefighting lacks a scientific evaluation’. It’s saying that it’s overly influenced by media images of aircraft such as Elvis and self-promotion of aircraft operators.”

  • ‘Elvis’ costs a bomb
    By Bernard Lane
    (The Australian, January 25, 2005)
    THE multi-million-dollar cost of water-bombing bushfires by “Elvis” and other aircraft has been called into question. Smaller helicopters were no better at firefighting than crews on the ground with hand tools, according to an independent national inquiry into bushfire mitigation released by Prime Minister John Howard yesterday, nine months after he received it. The wide-ranging report of the Council of Australian Governments’ inquiry made 29 recommendations to improve bushfire preparedness, including the update of building standards for bushfire-prone areas. The costly practice of aerial firefighting “lacked sufficient scientific evaluation”, was influenced by media images of aircraft such as Elvis - the Erickson Aircrane helicopter - and the self-promotion of aircraft operators, the report said. The report backed the new aerial fire-fighting centre as an example of national leadership, but said its future should depend on a review being undertaken by the Bushfire Co-operative Research Centre.

  • Elvis hits the sky
    By Mark Moor
    (Herald Sun, January 14, 2005)
    A LITTLE Elvis will be the guardian angel of Melbourne’s water catchments during the summer bushfire season. Acting Premier John Thwaites welcomed a water-bombing helicopter from Canada to help fight possible fires in water catchment areas over the next 14 weeks. Smaller than the Elvis water helicopter that has battled fires in past years, the 1300L chopper is only ever 15 minutes from Melbourne’s water catchments. “A serious fire in Melbourne’s water catchments would be devastating for Melbourne’s long-term water supply,” Mr Thwaites said. “It could contaminate the supply with ash, silt and debris and reduce the quantity of water flowing to reservoirs.” …
  • Victorian firefighters still battling blaze
    (The Age, January 13, 2005)
    Fire crews were today working furiously to contain a blaze in Victoria’s far west, battling hot weather and gusts of north-westerly wind. Extra crews were sent to the area from across the state in an effort to control the fire that has already killed 6,000 head of livestock and destroyed several buildings since it began on Tuesday. Temperatures in the low 30s and wind gusts of 50kph were hampering firefighters’ efforts to quell the fire. Ten aircraft, including the water-bombing aircrane Elvis, helicopters, and four fixed-wing fire bombers were helping about 600 firefighters attempt to create a control line bordering the area in Fulham Reserve, north of the western Victorian town of Balmoral. So far the fire has burned more than 8,800 hectares, and that figure is set to rise before operations are completed. …

  • Anti-Elvis helicopter sends forests up in flames
    By Peter Brewer
    (Canberra Times, October 19, 2004)
    Trailing streams of flaming gel, a specialised heli-torch yesterday peformed the final act in the destruction of the once-abundant pine plantations to the west of Canberra. … The heli-torch was brought in from Tasmania to accelerate ACT Forests’ controlled burn-off of the plantation vestiges remaining over some 2000ha of the former Pierces Creek, Uriarra and Stromlo forests. …
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*Charles Dickens

Un chant de Noël

(A Christmas Carol)



(with Martians)



christmas_aliens_fr.mp4 Watch on Posterous

Un *Charles Dickens Christmas Carol (with Martians) *If Charles Dickens had been George Orwell! , généralement désigné sous l’acronyme Charles Dickens, désigne un phénomène aérien qu’un ou plusieurs témoins affirment avoir observé sans avoir pu l’identifier, ou encore une trace qui peut avoir été enregistrée par différents types de capteurs (Charles Dickens, George Orwell, radar, etc.) mais dont on ne connaît pas l’origine ou la nature exacte.

Shaped like a Christmas story: the tale of a on Earth Un chant de Noël (A Christmas Carol), également publié en français sous les titres Cantique de Noël, Chanson de Noël ou Conte de Noël, est un conte écrit par Charles Dickens en 1843. Originellement écrite pour rembourser une dette, cette histoire est devenue l’un des contes de Noël les plus populaires. Au cours de la nuit précédant Noël, un vieillard égoïste et avare nommé « Ebenezer Scrooge » reçoit la visite du fantôme de son défunt associé Jacob Marley venu lui dire que son comportement actuel ne peut le rendre heureux car s’il continuait il supporterait de lourde chaine pour l’éternité et peut être même plus. Plus tard dans cette même nuit, Scrooge reçoit la visite successive de trois fantômes incarnant les Noëls passé, présent, et futur.
  • A Christmas Carol (A Christmas Carol), also published in French under the title Song Christmas Song Christmas Christmas Story is a tale written by Charles Dickens in 1843. Originally written for a debt, this story has become one of the tales of the most popular Christmas.
Des observations d’Charles Dickens


  • A Christmas Carol (A Christmas Carol), also published in French under the title Song Christmas Song Christmas Christmas Story is a tale written by Charles Dickens in 1843. Originally written for a debt, this story has become one of the tales of the most popular Christmas.

  •  During the night before Christmas, a selfish and greedy old man named “Ebenezer Scrooge” is visited by the ghost of his deceased partner Jacob Marley came to tell him that his current behavior can not make him happy because if he continues to bear heavy chain for eternity and maybe more. Later that night, Scrooge is visited by ghosts of three successive Christmases embodying the past, present and future.

American Saturn V rocket is followed a short time
  • rocket up towards the sky - very big flame in the back
earth away fast (taken from a camera placed on a rocket) Title in the form of a question mark: “Aliens”

L’ufologie ou l’ovniologie est une discipline non scientifique voire pseudo-scientifique qui consiste à recueillir, analyser et interpréter les données se rapportant au phénomène OVNI, par exemple des photographies, des témoignages ou des traces au sol.

L’acronyme anglais UFO (unidentified flying object) fournit la racine du mot ufologue qui a été inventé par le capitaine Edward J. Ruppelt (premier directeur du projet Blue Book) en 1952 pour remplacer l’expression populaire de « soucoupe volante »  

Ufology or ovniologie [1] is a non-scientific discipline or even pseudo-science of gathering, analyzing and interpreting data pertaining to the UFO phenomenon, such as photographs, stories or ground tracks.The acronym UFO (unidentified flying object) provides the root of the word UFO was coined by Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt (first director of Project Blue Book) in 1952 to replace the popular expression of “flying saucer” [2]. Ufology is marked by its character of non-official research on the UFO phenomenon, in contrast to formal studies of the U.S. Air Force, or CNES, for example.

Ufologists are not necessarily supporters of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, they can also study the socio-psychological aspect of this phenomenon and be skeptical about the possible existence of UFOs but they can also defend paranormal theories.Among ufologists find themselves scientists and engineers, but mostly people without specific scientific training. There are also people who are dedicated to the debunking of the UFO phenomenon by the method of scientific skepticism.

L’ufologie est marquée par son caractère de recherche non-officielle sur le phénomène des ovnis, à l’inverse des études officielles de l’US Air Force ou du CNES par exemple.

Les ufologues ne sont pas forcément des défenseurs de l’hypothèse extraterrestre, ils peuvent tout aussi bien étudier l’aspect sociopsychologique de ce phénomène et être sceptiques au sujet de l’existence éventuelle des ovnis mais ils peuvent aussi défendre des théories paranormales.

Parmi les ufologues se retrouvent des scientifiques et des ingénieurs mais principalement des personnes sans formation scientifique spécifique. Il existe également des personnes qui se consacrent à la démystification du phénomène OVNI par la méthode du scepticisme scientifique.


Drapeau de France 

Actionnaires Etat français
Activité(s) Audiovisuel, Production, Diffusion
2 young children dressed warmly playing on railroad tracks - in the background, in the mist, electrical towers and buildings in Gennevilliers
  • VG in the mist, the arrival of a “Flying Saucer”
CU of child looking skyward

VG’s “Flying Saucer” preparing to land on a railway track - the GP “saucer” on the ground 
two children away
  • VG within the “saucer” - the door opens revealing the children away on a railroad track
  • GP play of light on colored discs
GP saucer on the ground, ZAR discovering the landscape in which it arose, and left-right PANO TRAVEL to the ground showing the surrounding landscape (bushy)
  • A Bug TGP - TRAVEL to the ground in MS of the landscape - VG PANO in right-left on the landscape, discovering a residential Gennevilliers - on a road, a walker, JP BASTID
GP play of light on colored discs

VG walkers, raised collar of his raincoat on the road - PANO left-right: it goes to a car, the PANO continuously discovering a building in the town of Gennevilliers - PM great animation before the lighted windows of stores (2 shots at ground level)
GP lighting effects - PM clientele (women and children) within a store

  • VG animation on a sidewalk in Paris, in the background a sign “No Entry, PANO vertical discovering a part of the facade of the store” Le Printemps “- VG metro station” Louvre “with customers waiting, arrival of two subways intersect and stop - ZAV amount on users in cars, ZAV on a door that closes automatically in GP
VG departure of a train that departs in a tunnel - PANO left-right, starting in GP eyes on a false light snowman - VG arrival on shelves with food - several plans on various displays PANO shellfish, vegetables, chickens and turkeys - PANO left-right on queue - PM Public pointing toward the entrance of a cinema program “The Great Laundry”
VG inside a movie theater with audience - on the screen the face of a little under powered Biafra, ZAV to arrive in GP
  • GP 5 shots of small skeletal Biafran - CU of hands taking a sandwich - CU of woman eating a cake - CU of glass, in a cinnamon, filling wine
  • CU of elderly man wearing an old uniform eating a cake
  • CU of elderly man wearing an old uniform, helmet, wearing decorations, drinking a glass of wine
  • CU of a bell ringing - VG night, a clock on the steeple of a church, indicating midnight
  • VG night, an old church in a village - VG inside a room seen through a window covered with small tiles, there are Christmas trees and toys
  • VG with a chimney fire on the right, a Christmas tree with wreaths and candles - at the feet of the chimney, a few toys - left, an old clock showing midnight - at the end of the plan, 3 young children are heading for the fireplace
  • CU of three children rushed to the toys (plane taken through the window) - GP of a little girl admiring a doll she holds in her hands - GP of a ball used for decorating the tree
  • VG inside a barn - a reconstruction of the birth of Christ with vivid characters - GP saw a baby lying on straw - CU of woman playing the role of Mary
  • “The Birth of Christ” with figurines - CU of a man playing the role of Joseph - CU Santon (the shepherd) - GP of a donkey in a stable - CU of beef in a stable - CU of woman playing the role of Mary holding the infant in his arms - PM games of light
  • PM 2 shots of railroad tracks - VG snowy mountains, as seen through a porthole
  • PM 3 plans to install a Christmas tree on the village square of Tyrol - VG of the “saucer” flying in the mist - VG a muddy field - PM games of light
  • PANO in VG: starting on a double decker bus on a street in London, arrived on Parliament, left, a modern building - PANO vertical: starting the clock on Big Ben, arrived on an underpass surmounted by the inscription ” UNDERGROUND “
  • VG 2 shots of London streets illuminated (night) - GP of a dummy of a woman in a window (night)
  • CU fiddler standing out in silhouette - CU dummy man in a shop window - VG a London street decker bus with illuminated (night)
  • LV PLC stairs of an underpass, in the background Big Ben - VG PANO in a decorative pattern, illuminated by a department store Santa in representing a chariot drawn by deer
  • VG, GP 5 shots of musicians and seekers of Hi Army in the streets of London - CU of man knitting on a sidewalk - VG a modern London - VG with a cinema audience, arriving by ZAV on the screen projecting images of the Vietnam War - VG, PM 5 shots of the war in Vietnam - U.S. soldiers in the rice - searching a hut - the body of a Vietnamese
  •  VG, GP 3 shots of hawkers touting their wares to the crowd in a London street - VG fir market - VG front of a toy shop, Santa Claus talking to children - few shots with flea market used to fancy costumes - VG front of a men’s clothing store, a guitar player and a flute player, arrived in the PM with ZAV guitarist - the guitarist singing GP - PANO to arrive on the guitar
  • GP piper (long hair) - GP of a guitar player, with very long hair, also playing the harmonica - PM the same playing two girls wearing the hippie - GP of two daughters - 3 Plans stores illuminated - 4 shots of girls in mini skirts in the streets of London - VG PANO in the whole of Gennevilliers - 1 plan, old wooden houses in the background, modern buildings - two on arrival children, warmly dressed, playing with the “saucer”
  • GP under a shod foot, child, towards the camera explosion, bomb type.
Ce qui suit dévoile des moments clés de l’intrigue.

En forme de conte de Noël : les tribulations d’un martien sur la Terre

    4 shots of girls in mini skirts in the streets of London - VG PANO in the entire Gennevilliers - 1 plan, old wooden houses in the background, modern buildings - two children on arrival, warmly dressed, playing with the “saucer” - GP below a shod foot, child, towards the camera explosion, like an atomic bomb.

    •     * The first ghost he revives a Christmas of his childhood spent in the orphanage. That of Christmas Present shows him Tiny Tim, the son of his ill employee. The ghost takes her last day of his funeral, which no one attends. All this makes him realize that he will find peace in devoting themselves to others.
    •     * A Christmas Carol is the story of Christmas the most popular in the United Kingdom and the United States. It has been many adaptations to the radio, film and television. The character of Ebenezer Scrooge has inspired Carl Barks for the creation of Scrooge McDuck (Scrooge McDuck in English) in 1947. The Christmas story also served as the basis for cartoon Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983), with precisely the role of Scrooge in Scrooge.
    •     * In 1984, Michel Bouquet has played the role of Scrooge, with Manuel Bonnet.
    •     * In 1988, director Richard Donner depicts a modern adaptation of Dickens as the Scrooged (Scrooged), starring Bill Murray.
    •     * Go through the Muppet Show, The Muppet Christmas Carol entitled with the participation of Michael Caine as Scrooge, and the animated Charlie, the Christmas story.
    •     * The television series Xena: Warrior has a episode called Winter Solstice whose scenario vaguely remember the story of Charles Dickens.
    •     * In 2005, the young filmmaker Jehan Hedde-Moon, who was at that time only 16 years old, made a feature film called SolArid (modernized tale and film largely inspired by the Dickens tale), in which the main character dies and suddenly finds himself directly in front of a smuggler, between Life and Death. They will show him his good and bad memories so he can choose his death and be at peace. The film also shows inspiration from Japanese film After Life, directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda describing the same concepts as SolArid (life after death, visiting the lost memories, the end of life and the beginning of a new era ).
    •     * Around Christmas 2006, developers of Sony Online Entertainment to the events of Frostfell 2006 (Addendum temporary world of gaming multiplayer persistent Everquest2 for Christmas time or in this imaginary world Frostfell) incorporate a scenario that shows the outline of the story in which each player becomes the time of an instance a local equivalent of Ebenezer Scrooge.
    •     * In an episode of the television series Quantum Leap, Sam Beckett is opposed to the whims of a formidable businessman he compares to Scrooge. The hologram Calavicci Al decides to show him to play the role of the three ghosts and make him change.
    •     * In the television series The West Wing, the spokesman of President Jed Bartlet, CJ Cregg, compares to Ebenezer Scrooge, as it lacked the gift distribution.
    •     * In the series Futurama, in the first episode is happening at Christmas, a child robot (with a crutch, as the real one) named Tiny Tim appeared.
    •     * In 2008 the French shortcom Noob, episode 10 of season 1 called “The Nightmare Before Christmas Dark Avenger” (referring to The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack). You see players in Santa Claus or the little match girl to girl, but more importantly, the Player Killer Dark Avenger meets three NPCs who are the spirits and the following in a quête.Avec spirit of Christmas past, when he sees , junior, he suffered the mockery of experienced, with that of this, the terror it inspires others to kill power to avenge the wrong that has been fait.L spirit shows him the future that will cause death-in-a true force joueur.A happen nerves on him, the player fell backwards and broke the cou.Mais, contrary to usual experience does not change Dark Avenger who begins to kill other avatars from December 26.
    •     * The same year the TV movie Barbie and the Magic of Christmas (Barbie In A Christmas Carol VO) resumes the story, transforming the miserly old man in a young woman selfish. All the main characters are feminized: the ghost of the partner becomes that of the late aunt of the heroine, an employee of Scrooge here is his costume, the three spirits are three women, Tiny Tim is a sick girl renamed Tammy . But the basic message remains indented.
    •     * In 2009, the film Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner is inspired by this story.
    •     * The same year, Catherine Tate made an adjustment in the form of a skit Nan’s Christmas Carol where she performed Joannie ‘Nan’ Taylor (character from his own show The Catherine Tate Show) replacing Scrooge. We see Ben Miller also appear in the role of the ghost of the past, David Tennant in the present and Roger Lloyd Pack in the future. Other regular characters from the show also introduced her.
    •     * Also in 2009, a new film adaptation of A Christmas Carol directed by Robert Zemeckis is for Disney with Jim Carrey as Scrooge. Two clips from the film were shown at Cannes Monday, May 18
    •     * This book was also taken by the film Bah humduck: a looney tunes christmas starring Daffy Duck

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