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  1. Dampira Quin likes your video Boobart (friends only). - Dogmeat
    Dampira Quin likes your video Boobart (friends only). Check out this website I
    found at facebook.com. Posted by Limbs Andthings. Viewed. times ...
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    Sep 19, 2011 ... Dampira Quin likes your video Boobart (friends only). Posted: 19 Sep 2011 05:06
    AM PDT. Check out this website I found at facebook.com ...
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Uploaded by on Sep 12, 2007
BILL are a band. BIG FOOT is on the "BAT MAN" EP, available for download (+ 4 bonus tracks): http://BILLareAband.bandcamp.com/

CDs and t-shirts are available: http://www.grasshopperrecords.com/BIL...

lots of information and photographs are at http://www.myspace.com/BILLareAband

a music video shoot takes some dramatic turns as a disturbed neighbor tries to shut it down. see Bill insult him without his noticing-- "BIG FOOT HIM!"-- and the satisfied grin that follows. hear Bill imitate motorcycle sounds. whatever you do, watch the whole thing to see every twist and turn-- the videos apparent "meaning" keeps changing, right to the very end.

Bill is singing to an instrumental mix playing on a boombox. Bill and i shot this in an afternoon. we just couldn't get it going on the 'neighbor' street-- you see Bill distracted by the cars going by, but that take ended up being good for other reasons...

the vocals are where they happened in the takes; only the "DEAD MEAT" part is a fly-in. i asked Bill to do that after his take at the last location; it was a great moment in the BAT MAN version i wanted to keep if possible. he did it a capella, and what happened right after is the last shot in the video. Bill makes motorcycle sounds when they roll by (but it's hard to hear it sometimes).

Bill: vocal
daren follower: drum machine, bass, long chords
eric morin: short chords
jessica kirton: feedback guitar
john: fake cello
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  • The part where he says big foor is the best. Also I hope that random neighbour was embarassed for his disabiliphobic attitude.
    kazmaka 3 months ago
  • i think he says big foot big which is awesome
    WatsonTheFridge 4 months ago
  • This is frickin awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DJGoATx 5 months ago
  • Bill You Rock!
    jandaletto 7 months ago
    BuLLa 10 months ago
  • 35 people have no sense of humor.
  • this is nice
    3rdofcatjay 1 year ago
  • badass!
    lejuapina 1 year ago
  • LOVE IT!
    Freemasonry 1 year ago
  • Totally just bought this guys CD. Helllllllll yeah.
    Oisterboy 1 year ago
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