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From: gaejangguk

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  • My mom is left handed. No, really, she is.
    easydata 2 days ago

  • Buddy and Stacy did a good job on the song and they were strong performers. I don't give a damn about your opinion of their performance. After all, they made it to TV. You whiners haven't even made it out of diapers yet!
    Lengo67 3 days ago

  • wtf jajaja awesome jajaj
    faurosan 5 days ago

  • Correction: Jimi is the guitarist all the way to the left playing left handed.
    davidgoodlettmusic 6 days ago

  • wow that is not Jimi you idiot he is left handed
    josh71111 6 days ago

  • "No FAT Entertainers Then - Unlike What's Out There Now"! "I Wonder What Happened"?
    poosie52 1 week ago

  • JImi is the guitar player closest to the drummer. He's the one with the guitar upside down.
    gordazacatitos 1 week ago

  • Smoooookin'!!!!!! THX
    jmdosh 1 week ago

    STREETSURVIVOR65 1 week ago

  • I wish those pinheads in front would get out the way.
    kmsmith49 1 week ago

  • thats great man! thanks for uploading! and as you said, we all know who hendrix is!
    guttorocha 1 week ago

  • Even though the wrong gitar player is pointed out as Jimi....I still enjoyed seeing this!! Allready Jimi doing some wicked sjit with his gitar....stroking it like it's his lover! thanx for the upload
    TheDesire78 2 weeks ago 2 ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

  • Buddy & Stacey were lovers ya know
    tlsale1 3 weeks ago

  • Actullay the Drummer is Jimi's Aunt Bristol, and the Bass players later joined the Plasmatics.
    dpkingbluesguitar 3 weeks ago

  • Wow, who are these two butt jokers? Is Wayne and Stacey gonna have to choke a bitch?
    RCAvhstape 1 month ago

  • i see Jimi started to develop his tricks on the guitar
    jody808 1 month ago

  • Watch what he does for an instant at 2:24 ! That's a classic Hendrix move.
    MusicEducationOrg 1 month ago

  • i hadn't noticed he was playing a jag, and frankly can't believe it. i'm going back in to watch. wait which one is he again? hahahhaahaha. next guy who points the arrow fuckup out gets it removed for everyone
    gaejangguk 1 month ago

  • @gaejangguk He's the one doin' all the tricks even though he's behind the scenes....star in the making
    guitarbob63 2 weeks ago

  • @gaejangguk hey man, Thats actually a jazzmaster. hard to see though.
    Leg0man122 1 day ago

  • playing a Jaguar, like Kurt later...
    metallian11 1 month ago

  • AWESOME ! Very Horny Experience across the board.....Jimmy ~
    whytiger 1 month ago

  • that Was not Jimmy, jimmy is two guys to the left, playing lefty
    pacocanas 1 month ago

  • Know how to spell his name?
    SuperGuitarmaster2 1 month ago

  • ive never thought "skinny jeans" existed way back!
    Josefclemens1 1 month ago

  • This has been flagged as spam show
    Ugh, gaejangguk! That guitarist that you pointed out is not Jimi! The people that made the Band of Gypsys documentary DVD made a bad mistake when they showed the beginning of this clip and highlighted the guitarist on the left as Jimi misleading people (like yourself) to think that its him. Actually Jimi is behind the singer on the left at 0:19.
    ReeseMac 1 month ago

  • Yes. Jimi is the left-hand player. Can't believe the fool got that wrong.
    aristotle358 1 month ago 7 ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

  • @aristotle358 DEAR dickhead; i did you the service of uploading it i didn't bother to correct the filmmakers obvious mistake. i assure you that he and I and everyone else on this thread know who the fuck Jimi Hendrix is, but that those same people had not seen this clip. go back to criticizing your mom's cooking and fuck off of this and every other video with adults who don't want to read teenage bullshit
    gaejangguk 1 month ago 6 ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

  • @gaejangguk DEAR FUCKWIT I don't believe my comment above deserved the kind of reply which you wrote. My comment was clearly not aimed at you but was aimed at whoever made the mistake; and my comment was not nasty. So why don't you fuck off and finger your arse you MUTTERFICKER!!!!
    aristotle358 1 month ago

  • @gaejangguk So you're saying you just want the credit for uploading but can't be bothered to even post something in your description that corrects the 'obvious mistake'? You could either ignore the comments or politely acknowledge that it was already on the clip you ripped off from someone else. Go ahead and delete it - its already available elsewhere anyway.
    brit1958dec 2 weeks ago

  • @gaejangguk fuck u insecure fuk!!!!
    cahboony 1 week ago

  • Dear! Gay or not, they sing and dance so well as to leave all others behind!
    systemspel 1 month ago

  • Wow that was gay.
    alkaw 1 month ago

  • Jimi is playing a Jazzmaster, actually. And these guys have some "jazz hands"
    panchobehrmann 2 months ago

  • that is not jimi hendrix he is not next to the saxaphone player and that guy is playing the guitar right handed
    causeisaidsomichael 2 months ago 2 ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

  • after seeing this lucky jim saved music with voodoo child and what not!
    manz92 2 months ago

  • I think this is from a Nashville TV station--WSM. Jimi had just been discharged from the 101st Airborne and he was living in Nashville in those days.
    JimBrinkley1 2 months ago 3 ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

  • @JimBrinkley1 bingo
    gaejangguk 1 month ago

  • Excellent, TY!
    robin56 2 months ago

  • man, they are "light on their feet!"
    hereigns56 2 months ago

  • Did anyone notice the star looking design right behind hendrix?! And the three looking figures pointing at him kind of?! Cool. He soon was a star!
    javierb415 3 months ago

  • Hendrix in the background doing what he does best, playing the shit out of a guitar.
    beenohopps 4 months ago

  • Yeah,
    Jimi is obviously the far left one. Look at the way he's going with his hand above his neck and doing some totally different stuff than the others haha.
    And h's left handed off couse!
    brusselleke 5 months ago

  • how can you be so fucking gay?
    Hawolation 6 months ago 3 ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

  • @Hawolation finally a guy who knows. i agree that stacy and whatshisface are the gayest performers I have ever seen!!!
    Gaejangguk 개장국 Boshintang 보신탕 mrjyn dogmeat "dog meat" "traci lords" cicciolina cynophagie
    gaejangguk 5 months ago

  • @gaejangguk the guy you pointed to in the beginning was not jimi, jimi played left hand and that guy was playing righty, the guy on the far left was jimi.
    jroxx11211 2 months ago 15 ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

  • @jroxx11211 Good call, I was wondering about that!
    esslar1 1 month ago

  • @esslar1 thanks, if you look close you can see its definitely jimi playin left handed all the way on the left side, ROCK ON!!!
    jroxx11211 1 month ago

  • @Hawolation i give buddy and stacy two snaps up for being such well dressed mens
    ultrakool 1 month ago

  • the picture that points out who jimi is is wrong. he is on the far right in the line of guitar/brass players
    sublime88sublime 7 months ago

  • @sublime88sublime far left, sorry
    sublime88sublime 7 months ago

  • @sublime88sublime goddamnit we know. i'll just remove it if that's all you can pick out from this monument
    gaejangguk 1 month ago

  • @gaejangguk cool it bro
    sublime88sublime 1 month ago

  • i dont believe the still picture is JH, cuz Jimi is left handed and the guitarist is right.
    sosidecop64 9 months ago

  • @sosidecop64 he is playing a fender jaguar flipped over to a lefty setup
    sublime88sublime 9 months ago
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