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Playboy Playmate Likes Having It Putin (Chinese Video of Insanity)

Playboy Playmate Likes Having It Putin (as told by the Chinese)

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just wanted to let you know i have you and just me on my friend feed feed over my blog content, because there is only one person who posts as much as me and that's you, and it makes me seem like i post less, etc... thanks. merry christmas love, maury http://whatgetsmehot.posterous.com/ i think you actually picked up on my indian woman disco song recently unless it was a coincidence BRILLIANT! - http://blog.ladybunny.net/2011... BRILLIANT! 31 minutes ago from Lady Bunny Blog - Comment - Edit LASTIKMAN for Christmas - http://whatgetsmehot.posterous.com/lastikm... 3 hours ago from Dogmeat █ Roiling vortex of... - Comment - Edit Nanarland chronique pour vous Lastikman Accueil Chroniques TOP 20 Nanars fantastiques Post apocalyptique Space opera Robots, cyborgs & androïdes Rencontres du troisième type Anticipation Ed Wood Venus du fond des temps Nanars monstrueux Zombie mon ami Monstres géants Animalier Épouvante Slasher Cannibales Nanars épiques Heroïc-fantasy Péplum Aventures Nanars d'action Pur et dur Action fantastique Super-héros Guerre Nanars à main armée Espionnage Crime & délit Sécuritaire Comédies nanardes Teenage comédies Sexy comédies Comédies pouet-pouet Nanars martiaux Ninjas Bruceploitation Tatane Nanars gnangnan Sentimental Sportif Musical Enfants Aux portes du nanar Polémique LASTIKMAN Lastikman Director: Tony Y. Reyes Year: 2003 Country: Philippines Genre: Super-hero in great shape (Category: Superheroes ) Duration: 1:45 Main actors: Vic Sotto, Donita Rose, Michael V., Jeffrey Quizon Useful links: - The page devoted to personal Lastikman a database superhero - The site of the TV series in 2007 (with nice wallpapers) - An article by our fellow Australian Andrew Leavold on Philippine cinema bis past 40 years: VO and VF . Image taken from Gerry Alanguilan's site, modified from the cover of Aliwan Komiks # 1 Real Name: alien / original comics version Unknown 2003 movie Hilario Adrian 2004 movie ( download ) ( download ) Identity / Class: Extra-terrestrial comic book; Human mutate movies Occupation: Unknown comics Physics teacher movie 2003 2004 student movie / fast food clerk Affiliations: Captain Barbell , Darna Enemies: Unknown comics Stryker 2003 movie 2004 movie LASTIK , Alfonso and Reden (father and son werewolves) Known Relatives: 2003 movie Lolo Pablo (grandfather), Elmer (father, deceased), Remedios (mother, deceased) Aliases: Larry Base of Operations: The Philippines First Appearance: Aliwan Komiks (1964) Thanks to Raffy for this image. Powers / Abilities: Able to stretch historical share of body like They Were Made of elastic, allowing HIM to reshape Himself Into whatever form HE desires. Bulletproof. His Suit Is A hand Of Him, and He can not remove it. History: (original comics version) Lastikman Is An Alien From Another Planet, Who Became trapped on Earth and Decided to fight crime. (2003 movie version) Young Hilario is Near a rubber tree When a meteor strikes it, and somehow gains Powers of elasticity. His grandfather use history to inspire HIM New Found Power to Do Good deads, Malthus and His Honour the memories of dead parents. Hilario grows up to Become a Professor in physics, and the superhero Lastikman aussi. (2004 movie version) Young Adrian - a lanky teenager Whose father Became a drunkard After the death of His mother - was mauled to death by illegal loggers Whom ET prevented from cutting the trees in the forest. He Was Under a left lifeless rubber tree, Which revived Gave HIM HIM and special power. Comments: Created by Mars Ravelo. Thanks to Raffy for this image. Lastikman Began as a comic book character. He Turned Up in Both Kampeon Komiks (Champion Comics) and Aliwan Komiks . Most Recently HE HAS Returned to comics in 2003 in a mini-series published by Mango Comics. Lastikman latest incarnation in history. Picture by Gerry Alanguilan The next "Modern Age" Lastikman Comicbook Will Be a 52-page "one-shot" comic To Be Released December 2004 by Mango Comics in time for the new "Lastikman" movie starring Mark Bautista (see below). The Comicbook and the movie, concept wise, Will Be Independent of Each Other. The writer of this one-shot Lastikman IS Gerry Alanguilan , WHO WORKED Also on DC Comics' "Superman: Birthright", with art by Arnold Arre and Edgar Tadeo by coloring. Click here to see a preview page from the comic , kindly Donated by Gerry. Vic Sotto as Lastikman Also Lastikman HAS Been Adapted for the cinema, in 2003 He Was Seen in to "Lastikman", starring Vic Sotto in the title role, and Jun Aside wrote in to tell me of outing Earlier in the year 1968 When Von Serna Played the part. Jan K. Ilacad of Octoarts-Orbit Music Group feels me some movie soundtrack and credits for this film: LASTIKMAN Movie (2003) produced by: Octoarts and film productions MZet LASTIKMAN original theme song words and music by: Jan K. Ilacad Octoarts of Music LASTIKMAN original theme song arranged by: Jojo Espino of archangel productions From the Captain Barbell movie. Additionally ET Recently Appeared in a dream sequence in the latest movie Captain Barbell, Played by Christopher 'PJ' Malonzo. The image on the right, provided by Raffy, IS from the soundtrack CD by Regine , used with permission. Mark Bautista as Lastikman in the latest movie. And It Seems Like Lastikman movies are a bit like nozzles - none for ages, then come along all at Three ounces. Because in August 2004, Viva Productions Inc.., A Filipino company, THEY HAD Announced just aquired the film rights to Lastikman , and actor Mark Bautista Have cast in the role. Director Mac Alejandre directed the 2003 Captain Barbell starring Bong Revilla. The 2004 movie IS Officially titled as Mars Ravelo's Lastikman: Unang Banat. Thanks to Raffy for Almost all the information and pictures Used on this page. Thanks to Gerry Alanguilan for information about the comics version of Lastikman, and for permission to use the image at the top of the page and the image of Mango Comics Lastikman. Thanks to Chris Fabian for additonal information about the 2004 movie. CLARIFICATIONS: Not to be confused with Plasticman , a similarly powered hero from America LASTIK , historical nemesis ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** "The No. 1 Blockbuster Movie of 2003" Yes, Madam! ("Ang Bagong Bayan ng super hero" means roughly "the new superhero local" or "the newest superhero Filipino"). Gradually, film after film, we refine our knowledge of Filipino superheroes in general, and those born under the pen of cartoonist Mars Ravelo in particular. Thus, after the characters of Darna and Captain Barbell is the turn of the superhero Lastikman to be honored on Nanarland. If a decal is the first Filipino Wonder Woman and the second a cross between Superman and Captain Marvel, Lastikman has it all looks like a nice cut and paste of Plastic Man, the character created by the publisher Quality Comics (then integrated with DC Comics), which has the ability to stretch and shape his body at will. Lastikman this indeed exactly the same characteristics. I first made ​​the connection with Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, the Fantastic 4 , until my colleague Nikita, an unrepentant lover of comic books, does not give me his lighting scholar: in addition to the proximity patronymic ( Plastic Man / Lastikman), the look, the powers of transformation (which are broader than those of Mr. Fantastic) and personality Lastikman fun to correspond much more to Plastic Man (as Reed Richards / Mr Fantastic is not the kind rather funny). In short, all that to say that the "creations" of Mars Ravelo have been under strong influence and that the habit of copying the big American hits is not limited to the movies. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Reed Richards, better known under the name Mr. Fantastic, a member of the Fantastic 4 . ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Plastic Man. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** An album "one-shot" of Lastikman released in December 2004 at Mango Comics. While Darna and Captain Barbell has been the subject of many adaptations to film, he has Lastikman more scarce on the screens, probably because of technical constraints implied by the animation of such a character. It seems that there is a black and white version from 1968 which we dare hardly imagine what it might look like. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** The first appearance of the character in 1964 Aliwan Komiks. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** This IS Being Converted video file for playback. Please come back Later to view it. Lastikman.mp4 (9.24 MB) ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** This IS Being Converted video file for playback. Please come back Later to view it. supreme_bullet_time_lastikman.mp4 (6.04 MB) In 2003 to ride the wave of superhero movies in full swing in the United States with the Hulk, Spiderman, X-Men and other Daredevil, studios Filipino engage in rehabilitation with digital special effects for Made in Manila their own hero comics pinoy. So when Viva Films and Premiere Productions (firm Cirio H. Santiago , found executive producer) are implementing a new Captain Barbell (Viva Films seems to hold the rights - they already had the fabulous 1986 version ) OctoArts Films and M-Zet TV Production fold them on an adaptation of Lastikman. As nothing is simple, it often happens in the comics like in the movies, the characters created by Mars Ravelo cross during their adventures, and Lastikman Darna make a cameo in the 2003 version of Captain Barbell on time to help it to beat up some bad guys ... in a dream. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Lastikman, played by Christopher "PJ" Malonzo in the film "Captain Barbell" dating from 2003. This 2003 version of Captain Barbell, without going to consider that it would not deserve its place on Nanarland we have published the whole disappointing, with not compare (as nanar course) with the festival of any What had been the kitsch 1986 adaptation of which we retain a memory as vivid than moved. Even well below those of American productions, special effects remained to be honest about the weakness of the film finally remained languid pace, the director Mac C. Alejandre delivering a superhero film talkative almost 2 hours (well, having seen the film in original version without subtitles Tagalog does not have me help to find the time shorter). So it is with enthusiasm rather moderate than I threw a look at what Lastikman released the same year. The only surprise has been the best! ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** It is latex and saves lives every day, ladies and gentlemen here is the preserve ... uh, sorry, Lastikman! Devote a few lines in history: in the original paper, Lastikman was the last representative of a race of extraterrestrial bodies naturally elastic, stranded on Earth and sentenced to remain there, decided to fight evil. In this 2003 film, however, Lastikman is basically a simple human being, Hilario aka Larry, who accidentally gets his powers when a meteorite hits the rubber tree (tree rubber producer) next to which he was. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** The genesis of a superhero comic-book ... Teenage orphan, bespectacled and bullied, our Philippine Peter Parker is first hands on the raw of his high school before deciding to put his super powers for the right, just to honor the memory of his deceased parents. As an adult, and he shares his time between his activities honorable professor of physics and vigilante super elastic. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Thus, during the two-thirds of the film, Lastikman beats up the villain and flies to the rescue of bimbos at a rate surprisingly sustained a Philippine production. Then comes the inevitable deus ex machina: following a misunderstanding, the rubber man falls out of favor with the media and part of the public (like Spiderman, what). Meanwhile, the puppy Jepoy (Jeffrey Quezon), a student of Hilario ignoring the double identity of his teacher, is a super tackle tinkering at the touch of three computers. He too was a bespectacled nerd bullied, now he will pay the hostility in the world that he has shown as the Stryker. In short, a delicate job and a scenario Lastikman transparent end to end for the viewer. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** The genesis of a comic-book villain ... Let's not beat around the bush any longer: yes, Lastikman is ranked among the nanar dépotent that, mainly due to a relatively brisk pace and sequence-based special effects have dated who, fortunately, abound. From the intro scene, the viewer has the right to caricature what sauce Filipino action cinema of the late 90's was able to invent more and more flashy show-off saw: the bullet time . This concept is overused already outrageous at the base, is seen here in fact led to the unintentional parody pure and simple: imagine endless bursts of bullets poorly embedded scrolling around a hero bantering with the sound of cruise missiles. Can you imagine evil? So take a look at the excerpt of this sequence suggested in the video tab. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Just as the land of the blind eyed man is king, the Philippines Lastikman proudly adorned the term " blockbuster ". Presentation on the international market, however, the film might think of a production Nu Image beginnings. Of course, since the 80 Filipinos have made progress in sacred special effects, but when we keep in mind that Lastikman date of 2003 and we look back at Sam Raimi's Spiderman, we say they have good have come a long way, Manila still has the same number of subway cars behind Hollywood 20 years ago. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Technique is very cheap in terms of special effects: digital zoom! Basically you film a character on a blue or green (by Stryker), it embeds in a given plane, and it enlarges or shrinks on the (zoom in / zoom out) to enhance the illusion of movement. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** I tend to distinguish between two types of film special effects failures: those who have clearly ashamed of their effects and attempt to minimize their use (like monster movie showing only 3 minutes a creature that the public will be expected for one hour and thirty, and still by far the filming in the dark), and those who do not care because they are satisfied with their effects, or just uninhibited, and the coup do not mind rich sequences align visual arts in a crock. Lastikman clearly belongs to this second category, an essential anchor, with the question of rhythm, often distinguishes a good nanar a large turnip. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** The film then goes on without the time-out set pieces which are elastic man take any form imaginable - from the bicycle wheel to the trampoline through the beach ball - and perform with panache and a nanardise which firing on all cylinders, his superhero routine. A true jubilation! ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** The film takes an extra dimension with the arrival of the evil-despite her Stryker. Kind of mixture between the Green Goblin (the mode of transport - Spiderman would definitely looted shamelessly) and bassist Gene Simmons of Kiss (for the next "frenzied hysteria"), the character embodied by Jeffrey Quezon is a patented model ultra-insane histrionics. The actor was already a ton in the role of the student very nerd Jepoy: yet it was just a warm-up, a vulgar put-in-mouth. We must wait to see his camp alter ego evil Stryker to be fully aware: look hallucinated like "I'm sick" on Brad Dourif, facial expressions and gestures at the Louis de Funès in speed, perpetual sneers and screams ... no doubt that there is yet another serious candidate is under world champion surjeu. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** However, I'm not going Baratin, as a peddler of nanar, trying to pass Lastikman for an object of ultimate competition to Turkish Star Wars : he has probably not yet fully the material (or the clothes). But nanar sharing with the wines they improve with time, we expect that the potential of this very promising corny film reaches full maturity in a few years. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Well done then to director Tony Y. Reyes to be able to provide that, unlike a local expertise in some tackiness, is too often lacking in Filipino productions: a minimum of PACE. The filmography of the director specializing in parodies stretches in a long list of titles colorful (Once Upon a Time in Manila, Bobocop, Starzan, Goosebuster, and the SuperMouse Roborats, Ali in Wonderland etc... Etc.) that n have never had the honor of an exit here, even on video. After Lastikman, Tony Y. Reyes pick up on another superhero movie, Fantastic Man, always with Vic Sotto in the title role, but who is reputed to have special effects much less "successful" than Lastikman dream ... we obviously get their hands it! ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Note that there is a new adaptation of the adventures of Elastic man out only a year later, in 2004, the rival studio Viva Films. Titled "Mars Ravelo's Lastikman: Unang Banat", there are commands to Mac C. Alejandre (director of Captain Barbell version 2003) and Mark Bautista in the title role. Apparently after the success of their film in 2003, OctoArts Films and M-Zet TV Production would not have managed to maintain the rights of the character to launch a sequel. The heirs of Mars Ravelo have indeed claimed the studios $ 1.5 million Philippine pesos (approximately € 25,000 with the current exchange rate), Viva Films amount appears to have paid since their title is well before name of the designer. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** The 2004 version of Lastikman produced by Viva Films ... ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ... With the young boy Mark Bautista in the title role. Finally, note that like Darna and Captain Barbell , Lastikman has also been entitled to his TV series from 2007, with Vhong Navarro in the title role, a popular actor in the Philippines among others saw in Gagamboy (a parody of Spiderman), D'Anothers or the disappointing Agent X44, recovery mode parodic adventures of the famous secret agent played by Tony Falcon in Sabotage (see the addendum of this column on this subject). ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Lastikman 2007 TV series version, with Vhong Navarro. avatar John Nada: 3.75 avatar Mayone Mayone: 3.5 avatar LABROCHE LABROCHE: 4 avatar Wallflowers Wallflowers: 3 avatar Rico Rico: 3.5 Average: 3.55 Contact: webmaster@nanarland.com © 2001-2011 nanarland.com Posted by Andthings Limbs Mark Campbell viewed times this Filed under: French Posterous Video funny Nanarland 0 responses Like Follow ... Meet Doug | on Dogmeat ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Follow this Space "

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