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Standard Venepuncture Arm | Limbs & Things

The SV Arm is ideal for a clinical skills training environment where large numbers of trainees are practising this skill on a regular basis. Little technical knowledge is required for setup and maintenance, making this product perfect for students to use during self-directed learning time in a skills laboratory.

This new product is a simplified version of our successful Advanced Venepuncture Arm. It also incorporates improvements based on AV Arm customer feedback.

  • Skins are more durable
  • Veins last longer (500 insertions of 21g needle along 100mm length)
  • Blood has been reformulated to improve leak resistance of veins. Supplied as a concentrated liquid to save you money and storage space. Water soluble
  • Digital pressure can be applied to veins in order to stem blood flow
  • Bag & Stand Mock Blood Supply allows for quick setup and refilling
  • Infusion Tube allows for volume IV fluids to be administered
  • Venepuncture
  • IV Cannulation
  • IV Infusion

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