Facebook likes your prettiest css

this has the pretiest css Angie O Genesis and Steven Truesdale take note (as well as Tom Danger and Lisa van Ness for rallying my interest only two hours ago but a million years away from where i'd drifted) i know even Dezi Desolata will like this. and if Damie Donkasaurus is not too busy saying something critical she may get chills in her other ear. i think Warren J. Voluntary will respect it's philosophy and that Rachel McCartney will approve of its deeply personal feeling of loss and overriding triumph of 'next!' and I know Suzy Fisher will dig its legalese and that Cam Paterson will remark on its ability to hunt...if i've left anyone out it is only after sheer creative exhaustion and a desire to return to bookies unmolested and free to operate the way we think that we should. however, i'd be remiss if i didn't thank those responsible for giving me the ultimate courage and possibly pointless incentive to create this document, and while we may disagree about who should be friends with whom and why not, we will never disagree that it is perfectly right and totally unacceptable to ever not be friends with each other. than you for all of your patience in this trying time which is almost at an end and creates a new beginning!

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