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  • WOW you are ignorant - This is a totally song for Politics ARE YOU DUMB or what ?

    WOW That is why OBAMA is in the OFFICE >>>> OK HOMER!

  • @MsPokeyman blue sued shoes can be political if you make it so, I don't know, I just find republicans who like rock annoying since the vast majority of rockers are anti republican. Can you please point out what I said that could be construed as ignorant though? I changed my mind btw, you type more like a 12 year old then a 14 year old. =]


  • @MsPokeyman dude chill out, your comment is besmirching a brilliant song, although when I was 14 I prolly posted something ignorant too on a rock video (although when I was 14 I think bush was in office and he can lick my ass, but I digress). Don't worry once you turn sixteen you mellow out a little and realize girls and music are a bit more important then pretending anyone cares what your political views are. I'm 18 so I've been making out with gals for a few years now, try it, its fun.

  • because it's the best rock performance in history hahahahhahhahahah 'm ready to play tonight !!!!!!!!!! i'm ready to kill then what's better than 3:00? nothing or 3:27 for that matter do ya's at 3:45\ course the best is 4:105:33 5:57 Doug Maet official wolf at 5:50 Doug Maet how to end meetings 8;54

  • because it's the best rock performance in history

  • Ya know Entwistle often got accused of not moving about on stage,(regardless of how fast his fingers moved) but when watch this you wonder where the hell would he have went? Roger coulda roped him with a mike and Pete coulda easily wacked him with his guitar.I think he probably felt somewhat safe over there in the corner.

  • This is perhaps the greatest single live rock performance to ever be captured on film.


  • I love how Entwhistle just stands there. He's a fantastic player and has the most outlandish-looking instruments. And stands there. Makes it so you really notice everybody else freaking out all over the place. Wouldn't have been as cool if he was freaking out too.

  • Roger Daltrey have great charisma!

  • dame lagio ne

  • The Who = Best Band Ever, now i'm gonna say something that may piss off some people, but i would love it if you guys could check out my bands channel, we so want this music to make a comeback and we need your help.

  • no poxy x factor here

  • love playing bass along to this took me forever to get down


  • i wish i could of gone to a concert with all of them there <:'( miss you John and Keith <3

  • One person got fooled 188 times. Let's hope they won't get fooled again.

  • OMG

  • Listen to this fucking bass line. EPIC

  • 188 people got fooled again

  • Yes, children, that's epic people playing their instruments properly and actually singing!!

  • That chord after he sings "won't get fooled again" makes me wanna start punchin windows out.


  • drummer is like the best on the planet !!!!!

  • This song sends me off on one - raw emotion , great lyrics - simply bloody marvelous to drive home to at full volume on a Friday afternoon !!

  • 188 people are still getting fooled

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  • RD ;D

  • Good Song!!!!


  • There's a joy in that performance, you just don't see in the bands today.

  • SHAME,This is before Peter dennis did what he did.

  • I have never seen anyone have that much fun playing guitar....rock on brother!

  • 40 years later, this song still sends chills up my spine! NOBODY ROCKED IT LIKE THE WHO! The best LIVE BAND EVER!

  • @Topkat311 I agree, I just had the office rocking out....XD This NEVER gets old...

  • @Topkat311 40 years later?!?!?!? god damn and I came here because of CSI's super retarded catch phrase openings.

  • @NostalgicCamper This was released on the WHO's NEXT album, released Aug. 1971, yes 40 years ago & still one of the greatest rock songs ever recorded!!

  • i would have loved to gone drinking and nightclubbing with keith moon that would have been fun

  • fuuu guitarist is so cool :D


  • « The Who quite possibly remain the greatest live band ever. »

  • The who is the loudest when it comes to live concerts

  • 188 guys dont know what the The Who are THE WHO!, so they are the who?

  • Little known fact: The Who stopped doing this song in concert for over two years, after Entwistle and Townsend saw an American bar band do it without a keyboard player, and in Pete's words, "their version blew us away so completely, that I couldn't see myself trying to play the song, as long as they were around - fortunately they broke up a couple years later!"

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  • Look at 8:04. Moon is so awesome that his drums can't handle him. And at 8:18 he's gonna play on the ride cymbal but it's on the floor.

  • looks like this is *puts on sunglasses* cold case >:3

  • Click 2 For Bunny Hop Script !

  • moon,hendrix and morrison, joplin,winehouse and fontella bass, r haveing a ball.

  • Longest song ever would be some opera.. There was an school of Opera where they were required to let the pit musicians go out and eat dinner with their family because the show was so long.

  • 4:37 OWNS

  • at that exact moment of 7:50 check norris was born .

  • 7:50 LA VARRIDA DEL PODER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 9minutes? WHOA! longest song ever? didn't even start watching :P

  • @Kvokki I Don't Think So....Rush 2112?

  • Moon is the ultimate embodiment of a rockstar. The blowing up toilets routine is genius

  • No wonder this piece of rock magic has had over 4 million hits. Stunning excitement



  • srsly, how can a human dislike this ?

  • then the 80s showed up - WHAM, Berlin, Atom Ant - WHAT HAPPENED??? if you didn't live through it, you wouldn't believe how depressing it was

  • The best band in history..We love who!


  • I think pete had some of keiths drugs during this performance.....

  • OMG I would have pissed my pants if I had to go to the bathroom but didn't want to leave to watch this performance this is AWESOME!!!

  • lol keith moon at the end

  • 188 people get arrested by Horatio Caine


  • Best Live performance ever

  • John Entwistle is the greatest bassist ever!!!!!!!!!

  • go ahead and tell him he is wearing girl jeans. I DARE YOU

  • 187 people got fooled once again

  • I've seen a lot of live performances. No one, I mean no one, will ever top the Who. Not Springsteen, not the Stones, not U2, not even the Beatles (when they performed live in the early 60's).

    And if you even compare any of today's performers (like Lady Gaga, eck,) with the Who, you will deserve a severe whack to the head to straighten out your brain.

  • CSI Miami theme?


  • 187 got pissed cause they were fooled again into watching another who video after the last one

  • My guess is that the supremely epic slowmotion leap at 7:50 actually happened at that speed because of the epicness of the Who.

  • @TranscendentLion everybody at the show was like they are so fucking badass they decide how fast they do shit like that. lol. it is true.

  • @TranscendentLion yes, actually it was normal speed. We saw it that way because it was too epic for our eyes to see the reality

  • @TranscendentLion Correct. Scientists have long pondered what is called 'The Who Effect'. In layman's terms it's a distortion in Space-Time caused by a sudden concentration of awesomeness.

  • @TranscendentLion only The Who can do that

  • @TranscendentLion

    hell yeah:)

  • @TranscendentLion " Epicness " Truley A Great Word For A Great Band :)

  • @TranscendentLion Hell yeah man :D !!!

  • If you Listen in close, you'd hear that the whole song is one long bass solo. haha

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  • they all were trying to out do each other! thats why i love the who!!


  • best live band ever!

  • Keith Moon the only man who can still play drums like a beast even being high off of a horse tranq!!!

  • @10ACandSTEVIE all awesome bands have calm bassists, like led zeppelin's john paul jones

  • @Ignore14 what about deep purple, roger glover wasnt that calm, neither was glenn hughes, or geezer butler from black sabbath

  • 3 letters : OMG 

  • Lol at the calm bassist, and everyone else being completely crazy XD

  • @randomnessrulz123 thats no bassist, thats john fucking entwistle

  • @snoogan55 Who happens to be a bassist, albeit a cool one.

  • @snoogan55 greatest comment EVER!

  • 1 more chance Ron Paul or nothing. lets go -

  • How can 186 people have such poor taste?

  • @obiwan899 Maybe they were hoping this was a CSI Miami video?

  • No-one can criticise Pete for a lack of charisma or stage presence :)

  • 186 Arabs pressed the dislike button when they found out the instrument being played is the Jewish harp. It does it for me, tho. Yes Siree :)

  • 186

  • that's how you put an end to a song

  • I guess you could say they

    *pust on sunglasses*

    didn't get fooled again


  • WHO had it for sure.

  • Dear God, please grant me the voice of Roger, the songwriting talent of Peter, the fingers of John, the craziness of Keith, and I promise you I will make so many children happy, and so many hotels never know what hit them.



  • want to like twice

  • This is So Orgasmic !!

  • the drummer.......is he really playin'?

  • @8848isthetop "The drummer" is Keith Moon. He's one of the best drummers of all time due to how chaotic, yet controlled he is. It's a phenomenon. And yes, he is playing.

  • @8848isthetop "The drummer?" You sir or madam, have made my day.

  • The Who were the best live band of the period. Entwistle was an incredible musician. The whole band was great.

  • Never will get four men on stage like this again ever - poetry!

  • @andy1234pandy I agree no one can touch the Who in there prime, R.I.P Keith and John.

  • for one moment,pete and roger looked almost happy,who till i die.....

  • Studio version of this song has the best scream in the history of rock music!!

  • by the way, i like his shirt.

  • man. this song is changing lives.

  • Absolutely fucking epic. One of the greatest performances ever in rock history. There are simply no bands today that deliver that kind of raw, balls out performance.

  • Entwistle has got to be the most awesome frantic bass player of all time .

    im happy that he died out of his head on coke , with a prostitute in his bed , what a way to go . rock on dear departed brother.

  • It appears that the kids


    Are alright...


  • Quite possibly one of the most epic basslines ever written.

  • awesome

  • anybody that doesn't like this song hates rock n roll!

  • I just love how the camera pans to Pete and he's shredding, and then to John and he's so chill.

  • I want MY GENERATION to have something to be proud of. RON PAUL 2012

  • Is The Who the greatest band in the world? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!

  • Top Five Greatest Moments in Rock History

    1.) 7:35-8:00

    2.) Queen's fourth album "A Night At The Opera"

    3.) Queen's Live Aid 1985 rendition of "Radio Ga Ga"

    4.) All of Led Zeppelin's Albums

    5.) Woodstock

  • Arguably the best rock anthem of all time ,

    Taken from the best rock album ever created

  • What did Townsend smoke that Entwistle didn't??

  • I hope this was playing in the streets of the UK for the last couple weeks...

  • @dannon2010 No, they were all blaring Kaiser Chiefs.

  • the base player has a tough life

  • AHEM!!! "The base player" is John Entwistle, one of the most influential bass players in rock history. He was the proverbial eye of the hurricane, a stoic figure in the center of the storm created by Daltry, Townsend and Moon.

  • @mikedsorensen his mom was the moon?

  • Anyone else find it awesome how Pete beats the stage and a cymbal with his Gibson, chucks the guitar to the other side of the stage, picks it up, and then sets it down gently against the amp?

  • 186 fools

  • went to a gig tonihgt in my local pub, and there was a bloke doing a set and he was Roger's Doppleganger.

  • This song is so good......you can literally feel it entering your soul! This song is way beyond amazing! Love them:)

  • >>epic<<

  • So  four musicians...who just happen to be complete 'one offs' on they're instruments.....bump into each other and form a band ...that sounds like no other...great songs...played with energy and passion...on the edge...over the edge! ..violent...broken instruments...the personalities....the fights...the larking about..the clothes...the pop art...the power...love em or hate them...there is only one....THE WHO !


  • @TheBurntout Horathio Caine likes this.

  • @TheBurntout You Forgot some "A's"

  • haha i love how moonie hit his cymbal up and off it went!

  • He played that last fucking not with his knee <3

  • 5:28-5:32 is the greatest bass fill I've ever heard

  • 生き様です。ロックの「生き様」です。「ボスが変わったって?一­緒だよ、ボスなんて。」で終わる「もう騙されないよ。」ってこの­曲・・・傑作です。僕のフーのフェイバリットです。

  • rick perry - what abt that mad tea party woman who believes in creationism and a pile of other right wing nutter scary things who won the straw poll last week?? Is the USA abt to have its own Adolf Hitler????

  • @LilOtakuAngy shut up

  • Comment removed
  • The Who are a religion.

    No ... Actually, they're Gods.

  • John Entwistle is the pinnacle of badassery

  • alien: whats rock music?

    me: 7:50

  • I can't help but wonder whether pete's guitar is a dark shade of red, or black with a red reflection of the lights....

  • @howellkolcj which particular blockbuster was that? 

  • 185 fools who... won't .

  • Looks like....

    *puts glasses on*

    185 people got fooled again.


  • I still get goosebumps from this song after all these years!!!

  • @shmihank just thinking that.

  • @shmihank I know it gives me shivers...and only a couple people can do that

  • 185 ppl r dorks!!

  • 185 people who havent got a clue about rock music

  • 7:35-8:00 is the greatest moment in rock history.

  • @matman000000 No, the greatest moment in rock history is from 0:00 to 9:13

  • @matman000000 isnt it the whole video?

  • @matman000000 0:00 to 9:13 IS the greatest moment in rock history

  • @matman000000 definado ...no teenage angst cr@p here , just pure razor's edge R&R

  • @matman000000 You are wrong 0:00 to 9:07 is the greatest moment in rock history :]

  • @Deefkej OK, enough! 5 people already wrote it's the whole video, it's not funny anymore.

  • @matman000000 Like I have the time to go check all the other comments ;D But thanks for the heads up.

  • 185 philistines. F@ck off

  • Entwhistle died like a rockstar pimp doing coke and banging a stripper.

  • @DaveS12382 Let's hope not

  • @Samonuh no dude, he literally did, check it....He was partying the night before the kickoff of their huge comeback tour.

  • @Samonuh dude, its a fact.

  • The ULTIMATE! This number on a huge screen is just..... ppfffooaaaaah!


  • Pete Townshend's powerslide is a the very fabric, of which legends are made of!

  • This must be the best rock song in the entire universe!

  • Tonight's headlining act! Incredibly rich jackasses preach about stuff they think they understand, shatter priceless musical instruments in "protest" of materialism.

  • Too bad we keep getting tricked into voting for the same kind of guy, Britain, US, little changes, Russia, it's still an authoritarian regime, even if they're flying a bluer flag. This song captures the Spanish American war, we got into it because the media told us we should, spent quiet a while massacring people upholding an empire over Cuba, some islands, and shit. Then when we won, we set up imperialistic control over everyone we fought to free. You know why? Greedy people take what they want

  • Absolutely he best rock video ever recorded !!!!! Classic ! Thank God for digital media, this will live for ever !

  • damn pete knows how to rock

  • dont hit that LP it breaks my heart!!!

  • Pete at 7:50 awesome!

  • Comment removed
  • well, it looks like they will not be fooled again *puts glasses*


  • Legendary song


  • the who! escuchados desde mexico por un niño de 16 años eso quiere decir... q son simplemente dioses de la musica :D mis salvadores del reggaton y mis idolos a seguir

  • @michaeljordan0909 skinkle, consigue los discos de van der graaf y king crimson pa ke sepas lo que es rock

  • John is.. WAAw

  • 185 people got fooled again

  • 185 Stupid!!

  • Am I the only one that air drums to this song?

  • REEMUS LUPIN!!!!??????

  • Soviet Russia will fool you again !

  • 185 people will get fooled again!!!

  • Scivolata di potenza!!

  • 7:50 : That's what i call ROCK

  • cant listen to the original after hearing this version....too fuckin powerful!!!

  • @tufucofo This was the first version I heard, and hearing the studio version on the radio was always a bit of a letdown.

  • Singing this in London tonight

  • 7:50 - Here, free replay of the awesomness!

  • FOR SALE ,Peter dennis Townsend ,and Gary Glitter sew on badges ,suit mods etc,offers

  • 184 people got fooled

  • @TheSorrow a

  • 7:50 the best fucking scream ever!

  • magnifica cancion y estupenda interpretacion de la mejor voz del rock

  • ご存知、毒のあるバンドの代表です!!

  • Love Keith Moon playing the drums like Animal! LOL ;)

  • Holy shit! I wish I was there then!!!!

  • 184 people are tone-deaf

  • am I the only one who hates when someone recognize the song by saying: "OOOOOH CSI THEMEEEEE!!!!!1!1!!" ?

  • WHO doesn't like The WHO!!!

  • we will surely get fooled again 

  • if u love REAL rock like this check WORK OF ART THE GREAT FALL they are the best band around

  • 184 people got fooled... yet again

  • Never got fooled by the Who, kings of the seventies

  • A 100 years from now when one asks what is the pinnacle of rock n' roll - this will be the answer...

  • 184 wingbats clicked the wrong button!

  • Loool , 8:08 the drumer brokes the cup

  • @MrAlex2902 Keith Moon

  • @MrAlex2902 "Brokes the cup"? Are you stupid? First of all, his name is Keith Moon. Know that name, because he's one of the greatest drummers of all time. Secondly, it's not a freaking cup. A cup is what you drink out of, or what athletes wear to protect their junk. That is a crash cymbal, you uneducated bumpkin.


  • but still mr cool

  • 184 people can't do Pete Townshend's powerslide 

  • Thumbs up if you know that they hypnotized never lie.

  • I can guarantee that 4:07 is pete townsheds orgasm face

  • 5:47

    "Doing the Chickenwalk!"


  • Keith Moon cymbal came flying off!!! awesome!!!

  • This bass player have to be the coolest bass playeer of all time!!! lmao! He is just chillin while his fingers are going like 50 miles and hour! Awesome!

  • RIP Ox. You are missed.

  • Justin Bieber Sucks Dick !!!

  • Venom,anarchy,power and just a general kick-assness in every aspect of being a great rock band.

  • love how at 4:16 Pete bashes himself in the head with the guitar for a big power chord. HE invented power chords, baby.

  • @BradVic Actually, it's believed Willie Johnson and Pat Hare (blues players in the early 1950s) were among the first to invent them. Pete is credited as coming up with the term "Power Chord" and popularizing the chord as well... Just saying...

  • From 7:50 on: Is there any doubt as to who the loudest rock band in history is?

  • I agree Peters fingers are the fastest,you want to see him download.

  • FOR SALE,Peter townsend and Gary glitter sew on badges ,suit Mods parkas,offers

  • Not a very good song, probably good for that era of music tho.

  • @MyHairyBreasts Trololol?

  • @MyHairyBreasts So I guess your majesty can compose a better song ? If so, I will be glad to hear it....

  • @MyHairyBreasts hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhah­aahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahhh­ahahhhh

  • Here is a little bit of info. The Who were the first band to use lazers at their concerts.

  • @jonquil4000 It's not lasers, just some stage light

  • @musicplayer69 Ok yes, know-it-all. THey're not technically lasers, but they're laser lights. ANd in fact, if you look up Laser Light Display on WIkipedia, it says that Pink Floyd and The Who were some of the first stage acts to use lasers in their stage shows.

  • @MrHeitz17 Dear MrHeitz17, LASER means "Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation", thus creating a monochromatic, nearly parallell ray of light. The light of a laser is so intense that a laser that would have the size of those stage light would actually be VERY expensive and quite dangerous. Last but not least, the technology of lasers was not that developped during the 70's. Oh, and by the way, I am a physicist: next time check out your speaker BEFORE arguing

  • @musicplayer69 Darn, I hoped I could BS my way through that, hahaha... Okay, I admit defeat, you know a lot more about this

  • 184 People missed the like button. Looks like they... (Puts on sunglasses) JUST GOT FOOLED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poor Ronnie lane was sick and was beat up by Peter,i wish ronnie was here now to see him signing on.

  • 7:35 - 7:56 - This part is just FUCKIN' AWESOME!

  • @TheGrungeManiak

    0:00 - 9:13 : This part is just FUCKIN' AWESOME !!!


  • loved it

  • I would not have Peter up my path after reading about him,seems okay if your a rock star.

  • Does anyone else raise their arms triumphantly when the music begins? Or am I just lame...

  • pure rock and roll

  • pete needs to stand still. ruins the piece with all that movement

  • i tip my hat too roger

    i take a bow to john

    smile and grin to keith

    pete picks up his guitar and plays and we all get on our knees and pray!!!

  • amazing clip

    thanks so much for posting this

  • Yup, I was born in the wrong generation.

  • @ErikaLoveElvis Too right, man. music today sucks balls.

  • Comment removed
  • Does anybody else get chills at 7:50 to 7:55 when Townshend slides out?

  • @LeafMoore That is just the most epic moment of all stage moves, so its normal to get chills from that.

    love the power slide

  • @1skullsquasher1 It also seems like the most painful, hahaha

  • I wish I was there... :(


  • 184 people got fooled

  • One modern drummer I know of that has the closest drumming style to Keith Moon is Tre Cool.

  • the scream at @7:47 is used in all good action scenes, and makes every single 1 of them a tad better!

  • i like how kieth moon is high as hell playing with his drumsticks at the begining

  • 7:54-7:56 are the most EPIC 2 seconds I have ever seen in my life. That was The Who for you....every second with them was super electric!

  • Pete alone is enough to make this of the most epic live performances, ever.

  • Petey was a crazy fucker.

  • Entwistle is always chillin haha

  • 1:40, watch, laugh, repeat.

  • Comment removed
  • If you want hear shortened edition press 9:05 right after 0:04

  • And the greatest bass player Pete..I mean look at those fingers moving! Damn

  • Simply one of the greatest guitar player of all time Pete and great song. I have a earlier version of this video and song they do make the song short though less than 4 mins yet great video.

  • Pete's on fire!

  • csi miami !!!!

  • epic. get back out on stage pete....please

  • You know what, it's actually 2 different concerts, at the same place. Why they're wearing the same exact clothes, i don't understand...

  • What doesn't make sense to me, is where/when this concert is. Originally I thought this was from the DVD The Who At Kilburn (a filmed concert in 1977, Keith's 2nd to last). Everything matches up, right down to clothing, except for Keith. In the DVD he has a pink/purple shirt with gold shapes on it, while every other member of the band is wearing the EXACT same clothes as that concert... If anyone knows what concert this is, I would appreciate it very much

  • @MrHeitz17 - This was the footage used in the movie "The Kids are Alright", and it was filmed at a gig at Shepperton Studios, set up pretty much for the purpose of getting footage for the film. The footage of Baba O"Riley in that film is from this same show. Apparently they had performed "Won't get fooled" and Townshend thought the gig was over, but then the director called them back and had them do it again. Pete was pissed, and this fed into the intensity of his performance seen here.

  • I like the part with the music and the lights

  • One of my pandora stations is classic rock go all classic rock bands (I am only 14)

  • muy buena rola

  • listen to that bass! ughhh they all ROCK!!!!!!


  • Best primal scream.Ever.

  • @shockedj98 Joe Cocker, "With a Little Help from My Friends," a close second...

  • 9:13 minutes of this isnt enought :( Thankfully there's the repeat button :)

  • @2211monty i aggre about that is not enough that is why you listen to every sng by the who.

  • PETE fucking TOWNSHEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8:06 lol look at the drummer

  • Love how John's stood still at the side ripping the shit out of that bass :P

  • wow!

  • fuck that powerslide was the best thing ive ever seeen

  • Great song! This is a great live video I have a early version on my channel check it out. This is a great song especially Pete at 6.33 unique!!!!

  • Keith Moon FTW

  • I'm on a kick of watching The Who vids today. Not a total waste of time, methinks! My grandchildren are in love with them, too. Music across the generations. And this is LIVE folks!

  • 7:50


  • The greatest rock band of all time!

  • Then, now and forever - the greatest rock and roll concert song

  • john burns about 6 calories per song... roger and pete each burn 600 lol

  • @TomoRomo9 What about Keith? like !OOO calories? haha :)

  • @TomoRomo9 I dunno, his fingers are flying!

  • @TomoRomo9 That's nothing. Keith burns 600 per measure!

  • @TomoRomo9 Keith has to burn over 1000.

  • @TomoRomo9 and Keith 1.800 Kcal

  • 8:07 Moon tosses a cymbal off his kit.

  • lol :)

  • Ok. I love the energy they have on stage. But seriously, the amount of jumping Townshend does - all that head shaking for years is the reason for his tinnitus. I had a vertigo attack a couple of months ago and you can barely move your head, and this guy just shook the fluid in his ear like Jamba Juice.

  • @roaringfiredragon

    Yeah. I bet he wishes he'd had you around when he was coming up, to advise him about what he should really be doing. Clearly you could have saved him, if only he'd known about your vertigo attack.

    After all, he's only a millionaire rockstar and songwriter universally adored everywhere he goes wordwide.

    Clearly the singular tragedy of his life is that he didn't have a self-righteous boring miserable cunt like you around to guide him when he was younger. Prick.

  • @ShoeiBoy I noticed that my lol got posted in general. Please understand that my laughter is directed at you. So lol :D

  • @roaringfiredragon No, it's because of how loud the concerts they played were. It began when they played the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and Keith packed his kick drum with a large amount of explosives. This explosion was right next to Pete's head, which began his hearing loss and tinnitus. Secondly, The Who is also credited as having played one of the loudest concerts ever, at 126 dB, measured at a distance of 32 meters from the speakers. That, my friend, is why Pete has hearing problems.

  • @MrHeitz17 I do believe you are correct. I also recollect that Townshend mentioned that recordings with headphones in studios were also a contributor. Mine was simply an amused remark at their antics - not a statement of fact. The complete rebounding of this humour off ShoeiBoy also greatly amused me. On reflection, clearly, Townshend's singular tragedy must have been not having this esteemed gent for a PR manager.

  • And now, before this turns into an uplifting discourse of the sort only found on the internet, I retire. YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.


  • Under the definition of epic, there are only four words: Won't Get Fooled Again.

  • I thought about reading the comments on here, but I couldn't take my eyes off The Who, sorry! lol :)

  • should have listened to this in Nov 08

  • 181 people did get fooled again

  • Wake up America! So WE DON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN!!!!!

  • shiver all over at 7:49!

  • @Englandan82 Indeed, sir. :-)

  • the who is awesome


  • Never turn down Rock & Roll.

  • I'd give my left nut to have been at this concert

    Fuck it....both nuts

  • Lets hear that one m0:00re time!!!!

  • We'll be fighting in the streets With our children at our feet And the morals that they worship will be gone And the men who spurred us on Sit in judgment of all wrong They decide and the shotgun sings the song I'll tip my hat to the new constitution Take a bow for the new revolution Smile and grin at the change all around me Pick up my guitar and play Just like yesterday And I'll get on my knees and pray We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again
  • WOW!!!! the who are great

  • 8:08 does anyone notice the motherfucking cymbal fall on the ground?! sooo hardcore

  • 5:44 Love how the organ just sits back then slowly builds back up to the solo, while in the meantime Pete's guitar takes over, then the drums join up, thus playing off each other until Pete at 6:33 gives the cue to commence the epic organ solo. Now that is genius!!!

  • @Arkipelago2 If you want to talk about instruments building...check out "Echoes" by Pink Floyd...that is the most (And I HATE this word...) EPIC song ever that builds...all 24 minutes of it.

  • just great !

  • Baba O'Riley won't get fooled again, he knows who he is.

  • best part starts at 7:37 and goes to 7:56

  • The greatest FUCKING song by the WHO!!!

  • wow 7:49 epic :)

  • Best 9 Minutes of my life

  • Fantastic, the best band of the World

  • Knock knock!

    Who's there?


    The who?


  • is that moon on the drums? he's hiding behind the cymbals so much it's hard to tell. acts a lot like him... ;-D

  • i've never seen anybody have more fun with a microphone than roger daltrey

  • "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss".

    Nothing ever changes. 'We all get fooled again, and again.

  • Gotta love the bass on this song.

  • Without Entwistle, Pete Townsend's playing style, did not work after John's death.

    John Entwistle was a major force as a Bass player. He had to play a lead guitar roll, when Townsend went walk about.

  • John died off his head coked up fucking a prozzy in a hote room, sorry if im wrong but that is how rocking roll die.

  • i love this song but its tooooo long for me, i only listen 5 minutes xD

  • That´s no only CSY...That´s History...


  • @zowie1000

    CSI not CSY

  • @marnick888

     ooops! thanks...

  • Is it coincidence that the dislike bar is double the size of the hater's dicks?

  • recipe for awsomnes: 1.say some cool badass phrase

    2. put on your sunglasses

    3. press play on The Who....and rock the fuck out!

  • 180 people in the world that you just can't befriend with

  • john entwhistle plays the bass more elegantly than anyone I've ever seen

  • ♥♥

  • Does anyone know what pickup Pete is using? Neck minihumbucker, Middle Super Distortion, or Bridge minihumbukcer?

  • I swear Pete's high.

  • 180 people will get fooled again

  • essa musica é foda!

  • 7:50

  • 7:49-7:55 is my favourite part of the song.

    But the whole song is great!!!!

  • Fuck the system and all the rich people who only care about them self's!! People lets not get fooled again!!! Bow to a revolution!!! Great song by the way!! RIP John!

  • @rocknrollloverboy26 Somebody forgot Keith.

  • @theguywhosnameis Rest In Peace Keith Moon..one good drummer. Thnx for Reminding me.

  • @rocknrollloverboy26 your welcome :)

  • Comment removed
  • Awesomness 10 times!! THIS IS FUCKING ROCK 'N' ROLL, bitches!!

  • Is that ball camel toe roger?

  • There is no 80's nor 90's without The Who.

  • this song is fucking revolutionary.

  • R.I.P john! there will never be another bass player such as yourself,

  • god they probably burn about 1000 calories per song... just look at em lol

  • is pete on acids?

  • @metalmachine00 of course my friend...

  • @metalmachine00 no: cognac and reefer...

  • 8:06 Keith moon :"get the fuck out"

  • Comment removed
  • beginning piano sound,, cant get it outta my head

  • 7:48

  • Comment removed
  • Hottest rock and roll tone of all time

  • God Bless the Youtube creator for allow us to see this kind of jewel...

  • Pete on Drugs ;)

  • Comment removed
  • 40 years of listening to Roger's vocal overload, 40 years of the power slide, 40 years of Won't Get Fooled Again. Happy 40th WGFA (BTW, the anniversity of the release was June 25th, but figure I'd mention it anyway).

  • nagatora, don't be a cunt, you must be a fagot. In the 60's and 70's we listened to genuine muso's

  • Long Live Rock! Long Live Who!

  • shit shit shit.....fuckin good concert....the who the best band in the history of rock

  • Gay my ass, the word is androgynous. Look it up if you don't know it 

  • 7:50 i lose my fucking mind

  • Dont get me wrong here, I love the Whos, but there lead signer looks gay...

  • @nagatora901 Honestly loads of people looked gay in the 70s and 60s especially the singers of bands. Have you ever seen the lead singer of Led Zeppelin. He wore extremely tight pants, had long blond curly hair and wore jackets with nothing under them. Although they got loads of pussy it was pretty much the style of those guys and women liked it.

  • @nagatora901 Well why should only the girls get all the fun ?

  • A Band used by all others to measure their own self worth!

  • I photographed The WHo twice in 77. To see the shots go to ianmarkmusicphotos (.com)

  • @Underground906 how can you accuse me of saying I don't know much about music when you said The Who sucks? They are rock legends! I didint respond to your comment to start a fight its just they are one of the most influential bands of history, Look it up if you don't belive me! I also like the beatles but I like the who more, I go for the 60s/70s hard, loud rock, like the who. Trust me bro I know a lot about music I was just expressing my thoughts. I guess everyone has there own taste in music.

  • 179- will be fooled again....

  • Comment removed
  • CSI MIAMI  FTW !!!

  • @ijerbic5 CSI MIAMI is a good programme, ill admit, but they made this song sound crap

  • Comment removed
  • Pete did some good coke that day. He's all over the place.

  • @larrythedolphin thats what i was thinking when i first saw baba o riley ^^

  • Them boys give their ALL!

  • @Ronttosaurus yeah they stole it

  • Why have I never listened to The Who before? I must punish myself.

  • 4:09 PETEGASM

  • @applekoos Sabbath is from the 70s, anyway.

  • adranalina 100%


  • Whos justin bieber?

  • すげー!400万人以上が再生!~躍動しまくりライヴ~THE WHO"無法の世界"~誰しもがロッククラシックBEST20曲­に入れるでしょう!!

  • @blackandtanful You can say that twice.

  • at around 7:00 how are they getting that effect? are they just changing the camera angle or the lights that are on? or is it some sort of camera effect?

  • 7:49 The Greatest Moment in the History of Rock and Roll



  • @EnricoSuave666 It's either this or the E-Major chord in A Day in the Life. Depends on how I'm feeling.

  • @EnricoSuave666 surely

  • 179  FUCK YOU

  • 179 people are justin bieber fans who wouldnt know good music if it smashed a guitar on their faces

  • who the fuck could possibly dislike this?

  • @Dunphy6000 cunts.

  • This must be from the 'acid' days. Either Pete or the guitar tech couldn't tell two Les Pauls apart when they are different body colours! Why else number them? :)

    It's a pity that they had to migrate to 'stadium rock'; I'd have paid the premium to cover the holes in the ceiling to have kept them in the Marquee :)

  • Well I guess Ophelia

    *puts on glasses*

    Was drowning her sorrows.


  • which guitar is he using??

  • @mojgaimenatinepovem A Gibson Les PAuls Standart!! One Of The Best ones!! YHEEEEEAAAAAA!!!


  • im a caveman and i love this song

  • This song is not the csi song they copied it. So "DONT GET FOOLED AGAIN"


  • 179 don't know good taste in music if it hit them like a kick from Roger Daltrey during the YEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

  • after a 12 hour day at work... this song and demonstration of rock makes me feel like a new person.... YEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

  • @JCAKK48

    12 hour work in one day ? fooled by da system uh :-)

  • epic moment:5:53

  • Headshot @ 4:14 lol

  • Roger Daltrey is actually RIC FLAIR


  • For the record, The Who were around LONG before CSI ANYTHING. So were their songs. They did not write them for some stupid television show. They wrote them for FREE THINKING PEOPLE ....and then CSI came in and pretty much tried to ruin them for the next generation... but... WE WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN!!!!

  • this song is freiken' awesome

  • csi miami took this one,new york took baba o'riley..so? they like the song too,then.

  • 179 people are a good reason for use condom!!!

  • 179 people are ... Oh fuck them ! Just an amazing song.

  • Me: *turns on this song*

    Person that hears it: Oh! The CSI song!

    Me: FUCK YOU

  • There are songs that live with you and there are songs that that just say FUCKOFF!!!!

    This is one of those songs!!! The Who!!! .....what can you say!!! Pete, Roger, Keith and John ...thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • love the way pete untangles his lead from his legs while spinning around...fn classic

  • Comment removed
  • yestarday i saw csi miami and i say wtf the who in csi miami 


  • Happy Fourth of July. *tips hat to the new constitution*

  • I'm a 1 day old spermatozoid and i love this song !

  • @Kuplungmaster The Who......Suck!?!?!?!? ya right these guys are rock and roll legends!!!!!!! please do not ever mention the beatles soft rock to The Who's hard rock!

  • @MannyRamone1 You clearly don't know much about music yet so little me clue you in. The Beatles are more than fit to be mention along with any of the greats. The same can't be said about the other way in other areas. But yeah, the other guy knows even less about music to say they suck.

  • @Kuplungmaster Hahah...You made a funny...the Who suck...Good one mate...Haha.

  • @LZROCKER100 MUG!!

  • @LZROCKER100 if The Who suck, why where u watching the video?

  • @DARTHYORUGUA I didn't say they sucked...The other guy did, and I was pretending he was making a joke, when in reality he's an uneducated cunt.

  • @LZROCKER100 sorrry i got fooled, i didnt see the other coments xD

  • @DARTHYORUGUA Well then mate, I hope you WONT GET FOOLED AGAIN! XD

  • @Kuplungmaster Quit trolling, boy.

  • @Kakashidx6969 I must have taken you a long time to type that comment then haha

  • @Kakashidx6969 funny!!!

  • @Yubera2K10 or neither!! :-D and you kids are all pretentious douches!! liking shit music just cause its cool to like it doesnt make you or the music cool...just makes smart ppl who can see your stupidity sad :-(

  • Way before!

  • This song is the story of my life, except in my case it's relationships with women instead of political revolutions. :-(

  • @e77toe77 I actually heard it from the Simpsons

  • Look at Keith!!!!!!


  • great tune ,love the who

  • @aa70queen01 it is.... I think they mean from the film 'The Kids Are Alright' (1979)

  • When I listen to this my face is like 4:09

  • Comment removed
  • - Gowan' & pickup them guitars & play - while we're lookin at the scars that say - we must getoff of our knees and pray --- We don't get TOOLED again.

  • @applekoos: Learn what real music is ya tard. Crawl back to your Nickelback and crap music.

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