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Improve|PENIS|Jelqing |SIZE| Using |THIS| Picture

Improve|PENIS|Jelqing |SIZE| Using |THIS| Picture Improve||JelqingR|esults Using|Pictures

|The Penis Gym Copyright ©2000-2010 Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. All RightsReservedImprove|Jel|qingRe|sults Using|Pictures |

The Jelqing method is an exercise which is designed to increase penile circumference and length. With sufficient time and effort the penis will expand through repeated exercise.

This results in a permanent enlargement of the penile chambers, meaning the more blood your penis can accommodate, the bigger it will grow. Click here to learn more. farewell

You can easily improve your Jelqing results by using pictures, videos and a detailed step by step guide to assist you. This kind of information will save you many months of trial and error and reduce the risk of injury. Performing the different Jelq exercises using before and after medical quality photos, will clearly show you exactly where to place your hands, and the correct technique involved for completing the exercise, to help you get the most from your workouts.

The workout times for penis Jelqing exercises can vary from between 10 minutes to 1 hour or more. The warm-up is always an integral part of any good workout session, and simply increases the blood flow to the penis and helps to prevent any injuries. Care must be taken to ensure the penis is kept semi-erect when performing Jelqing or other girth exercises, and never in the fully erect state.

Many men have often asked us how long it takes to see results from Jelqing and stretching exercises? Well to begin with, without the right information you could quite honestlyJelqand stretch your penis for months and get absolutely nowhere and then give up. Every man's penis responds differently and grows accordingly.

Some men may grow 1 inch in 2-3 months, while for others it may take longer. Providing you use and follow a comprehensive program with detailed instructions, Jelq pictures and videos, then you significantly increase your chances of safely increasing your penis size in the shortest possible time.

The best way to jelq is by first making sure your penis is warmed up sufficiently. Next, position your hand around the base of the penile shaft using your thumb and forefinger, this is known as the OK grip. The next step with the Jelqing exercise, is to use a "milking" type method to Jelq the blood towards the head of the penis. A fairly tight grip is necessary to force as much blood as possible towards the glans so that none escapes.

When your hand has completed the stroking technique you use your other hand and continue the exercise. A Jelqing program with pictures will not only give you the results you want, it will also mean you get the most out of your workouts while staying safe.

Red dots and bruising are perfectly normal and will not affect your results!

After finishing your workout your penis may appear to have a rash. If you find your grip becoming too hard you may rupture the small blood vessels (capillaries) in your penis. These small red dots are harmless and within a couple of hours will disappear.

A good Jelqing guide with pictures can put your mind at rest by describing some of the typical problems associated with exercising the penis. Most of these problems, such as the red dots and bruising are normal and will not affect your Jelqing results. However, one should be mindful that these may be small signs of using too much force and should ease up. In our members section we discuss positive and negative PI's which can affect the rate of growth.

In most cases spots and bruising can be normal when you begin doing these exercises or if you use too much force. We usually suggest wrapping a hot cloth around your penis and leaving it to rest for a few hours. For thrombosed veins, lymphatic fluid buildup and other common problems, our help section clearly explains what you need to do and puts your mind at rest. Something you won't find with other sites.

For those men interested in getting the best results by practicing this Arabic/Sudanese Jelqing method for a bigger penis, its important to read detailed instructions & information first

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The DreamPenisGuide™ contains everything you need to know about the beginner and advanced variations of the Jelq, as well as the all-important penile stretching exercises. For any exercise routine to be effective for promoting gains in length and girth, you MUST perform a range of stretching exercises to target the ligaments and tunica, as well as girth exercises. Otherwise penis growth will take much longer.

If you're looking to improve your Jelqing results using pictures and videos to guide you...
Join the UK's leading penis enlargement program.

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Improve|PENIS|Jelqing |SIZE| Using |THIS| Picture Improve | |Jelqing R| esults Using |P ictures | The Penis Gym Copyright ©2000-2010 Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. All Rights Reserved Improve|Jel|qingRe|sults Using|Pictures | The Jelqing method is an exercise which is designed to increase penile circumfer ...» more Dogmeat

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