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My Hero, Sir Ben

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Summer postures and popsicle jokes

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HOW? Only two bulldog cats protrude!

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i think she loves me

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◆ Russia back from the dead woman was scared to death their own funeral!!

Posted: 29 Jun 2011 09:39 PM PDT

◆ Russia back from the dead woman was scared to death their own funeral!!


2011年6月23日,英國《每日郵報》報導, 俄羅斯一名女子因胸痛在家中跌倒後被送往醫院, 醫生隨即宣佈她死亡。 June 23, 2011, the British "Daily Mail" reported that a Russian woman for chest pain after a fall at home, hospital, doctors immediately announced her death. 然而讓人意想不到的是, 在家人為這名婦女準備葬禮時她卻突然醒了過來, 發現身在棺材中的她因驚嚇過度「再次」死亡, 而這一次再也沒有醒來。 However, the unexpected is to prepare his family for the funeral of the woman when she suddenly woke up and found her body in the coffin of the shock due to excessive "again" death, and this one did not wake up. 這名俄羅斯女子名叫法吉爾義•穆罕默德賈諾夫,現年49歲。 The Russian woman名叫法吉尔Jia Yi • Mohammed Ivanov, 49. 法吉爾義第一次被送往醫院後,她51歲的丈夫法傑里• 穆罕默德賈諾夫被醫生告知妻子因心臟病去世。 Faji Er Yi was first taken to hospital after her 51-year-old husband, Jerry • Mohammed Jia law Ivanov was told his wife's death due to heart disease. 之後法吉爾義的家人開始為她準備葬禮, 正當親戚們輪流走過她打開的棺木,作最後的告別時, 法吉爾義突然死而復生了。 The Houfajier defined family began to prepare for her funeral, while her relatives took turns through the open coffin for a final farewell, Fa Jier sudden resurrection of the righteous. 醒來的法吉爾義發現自己竟然躺在棺材裡,開始大聲地尖叫。 Wake up Faji Er justice found that he was lying in a coffin and began screaming loudly. 法傑里說:「當時她開始眨眼睛,我們就立刻衝向她, 並把她送到了醫院,但僅僅過了12分鐘, 她就在重症監護室去世了,這次再也沒有醒來。」 Law Jerry said: "At the time she began to blink, we immediately rushed her and sent her to the hospital, but just over 12 minutes, she died in the intensive care unit, this did not wake up." 法傑里怒斥院方和醫生,他說:「我非常憤怒,我想找到答案。 當醫生第一次宣佈她死亡的時候,其實她還活著, 他們本可以挽救她的生命。」 為法吉爾義進行診斷的這家醫院的發言人表示:「 我們目前正在進行調查。」 Law Jerry rebuked the hospital and doctors, he said: "I am very angry, I want to find the answer. When the doctor first announced her death, when in fact she was still alive, they could save her life." To Fa Jier defined diagnosis of the hospital's spokesman said: "We are currently investigating." 1469716665.jpg
法吉爾義與丈夫 Faji Er Yi and her husband
2010年6月,台灣也發生一起詭異的事件。 June 2010, Taiwan strange event occurred. 家住台南市左鎮區的84歲老婦人林蔡梅花, 在山區迷路了兩天兩夜,搜救警消在山裡來回找了7次都找不到, 還只看到荒草和墳墓;沒想到,老婦竟自行從山區走出, 還說山上有人招待她、很多人陪她很熱鬧, 讓警消和家人都感到不可思議。 Who lives in Tainan City's 84-year-old woman left town Lin Cai plum, lost two days and nights in the mountains, search and rescue police and fire in the mountains looking back and forth seven times can not be found, but only see the weeds and the grave; did not expect , the old woman went so far out from the mountains themselves, she said the mountain was entertaining, many others to follow suit her very busy, so police and fire and the family was incredible. 左鎮消防分隊長陳信義表示,13日上午8時左右, 老婦有和朋友說她要去「摸蜆仔」, 提了個袋子出門從此就不知去向;也有目擊者看到,大約在13日( 失蹤當天)的下午1時30分, 婦人曾經出現在那座山附近而且是正要離去的方向。 Left the town fire captain Chen Xinyi said sub, 13 around 8 am, the woman said she was going to have friends "touch clams class", put a bag out from just disappear; have witnesses saw, about 13 Day (missing the same day) and 13:30, the woman had appeared in the vicinity of the mountain and is about to go in the direction. 「將近3天的時間,我們在山裡整整來回找了7次,都沒有找到人, 只在婦人的舊家旁邊找到一袋柴火。」陳信義說, 婦人現在住的地方距離該座山差不多1公里遠, 舊家則還須再往內走1、2公里就在苦尋不到人之際, 婦人卻於15日上午7時突然現身在榮和里松仔頂路段( 就在她舊家附近),讓眾人很驚訝。 "Nearly three days, we find in the mountains a whole back and forth seven times, have not found one, only to find the woman's old home next to a bag of firewood." Chen Xinyi said that the woman is now a place to live in the mountains from almost 1 km away, must go down to the old home is within walking 2 miles on the proven hard to find people on the occasion, the woman was in at 7:00 on the 15th Wing and suddenly appeared in the top section in the pine Tsai (in her old neighborhood), so everyone was surprised. 據悉,婦人出門時身上沒有水、糧食,整整2天沒有吃喝, 但身體狀況卻只有少許的脫水「她跟家人說,山上有人招待她, 大家在一起很熱鬧。」陳信義不解地說,山上其實幾乎沒有人煙, 都是荒草、墳墓,婦人的舊家大門也都是鎖上,沒有打開過, 實在很玄。 It is reported that women who go and no water, food, a full two days without eating and drinking, but the physical condition is only a little dehydrated, "she told the family that the mountain was entertaining her very busy people together." Chen Xinyi understand that, In fact, almost empty mountain, all weeds, graves, the old woman's home are also locked the door, not opened, it is very mysterious. 媒體報導,有醫師認為「山上有人招待說」是婦人的幻想。 Media reports, there are physicians that "the mountain was entertaining to say" is a woman's fantasy. 只是,就連消防隊員搜救時,都還得用刀砍路,搞得手腳都是傷, 而婦人穿著短衣短褲,卻乾乾淨淨的,沒有受傷和蚊蟲叮過的痕跡, 這恐怕仍難用醫學去解釋。 But, even when search and rescue firefighters have had knifed road, and made the hands and feet are injured, the woman dressed in shorts, but clean, with no injuries and signs of mosquito bites, I am afraid this is still hard with medicine to explain. 1469716666.jpg
林蔡梅花(右二) Plum Cai Lin (second from right)
對此,台南奇美醫院精神科主任林進嘉解釋,老婦人可能是年紀大, 加上進食狀況不理想或沒進食,體內電解質不平衡, 導致急性腦功能的變化,所引起的妄想;若是長期經常發生, 可能是失智合併的妄想。 In this regard, Chi Mei Hospital, Tainan, director Lin Jinjia psychiatric explanation, the woman who may be older, with eating or not eating is not ideal conditions, the body electrolyte imbalance, leading to acute changes in brain function, caused by delusion; if often long-term occur, may be combined delusions dementia. 另外,比這更離奇的事件也曾在2008年的7月發生。 In addition, more than this bizarre incident in 2008 also took place in July. 事件的主角是屏東縣當時高齡82歲的婦人, 她自稱在山上採菇時遇到魑魅魍魎(俗稱:魔神仔),而且該位「 女魔神」還搶走她的內褲;不過,當時也有醫師認為, 這是老人家年紀大了在幻想。 Pingtung County is the protagonist of the event was 82-year-old woman, she claimed to encounter in the mountains Caigu demons and monsters (commonly known as: devil Aberdeen), and the bit "devil woman" also stole her underwear; However, there were a physician that this is the older elderly in fantasy.

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Makers of Things : Brendan Dawes

Posted: 29 Jun 2011 09:24 PM PDT

Makers of Things / 2010
Share: http://daweso.me/bBWccx

In this video of my Inspiration Session talk from Flash on the Beach 2010 I talk about the joy of making-from making interfaces to making physical products-together with some of the things I've learned as I try and continue to practice my craft to become a better maker of things.

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Vanessa (Inherits brothel, caters to WOMEN)

Posted: 29 Jun 2011 02:24 PM PDT

Olivia_Pascal_-_Vanessa.mp4 Watch on Posterous

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