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Dogmeat 'If you stand right here, you can see the end of the Internet'brought to you by Dogmeat's sponsors, 'BURNETT'S COCOAINE FOR PROMOTING THE GROWTH AND PRESERVING THE BEAUTY OF THE HUMAN HAIR' and ' DOG LICENSE. Town Clerk's Office, No. Reading..........186 This Certifies, That a LICENSE is hereby granted to..........to keep a..........male Dog,


for One Year from the first day of May, 186.........., he having paid..........dollar for the same. Registered No. Town Clerk. N. B. The Law concerning Dogs, requires that "The owner of every Dog so licensed, shall cause it to wear around its neck a collar distinctly marked with its owner's name and registered number."



The Inventors of the Cocoaine--knowing that when the loss of hair occurs, it is generally from that part of the head where the greatest heat is necessarily generated, and that animal fats, as Bear's grease, lard, &c., &c., by their nature induce heat rather than alleviate it--turned their attention and pharmaceutical science toward Vegetable Oils, as the basis of a medicament, to promote the growth, and preserve the beauty of the hair. The Oleum Cocos, or
presented itself most strongly as possessing many properties peculiarly adapted for the purpose; but its odor was objectionable, and its density (except when exposed to heat) seemed for a long time to defy all efforts to render it available, in the cooler climates, for popular use. By a scientific selection of other ingredients, those which will chemically combine with the oil have been discovered, and they together have produced a topical compound, which is unqualifiedly pronounced to be the best that has yet appeared.

In the form here presented, this Oil is permanently deodorized, and held in a combination which peculiarly adapts it for the Toilet; it is unrivalled in delicacy and agreeableness,--cooling in its nature,--and possesses such a penetrating affinity for the secretions of the skin, that it is rapidly absorbed.

Its greatest efficacy is best secured by a perfect cleansing, before its application, of the hair and scalp, (for which purpose the Kalliston is recommended, because its ingredients are coöperative with those in the Cocoaine,) under which circumstances this Oil allays irritation, removes all tendency to dandruff, and invigorates the action of the capillaries in the highest degree. Its effect upon the glossiness and richness of appearance of the hair is such as cannot be surpassed, and it is now offered to the public, in the firm belief that it only requires to be known to supersede all other preparations. We are confident that no one who may make a trial of its efficacy, will be willing to return to the use of any other preparation.

The proprietors would also call attention to the fact that it is the cheapest Hair Dressing yet offered to the public; and they refer to the accompanying recommendatory remarks, some of which are selected from the writings of men of science, and others from many communications which they have already received from reliable sources. Price Fifty Cents for half-pint Bottle.



  • COCOAINE, a compound of Cocoa-Nut Oil, &c., for the Hair.
  • FLORIMEL, a new and delightful Perfume for the Handkerchief.
  • KALLISTON, a Cosmetic, for removing Freckles, Tan, Sunburn, &c.
  • ORIENTAL TOOTH WASH, for the Preservation and Beauty of the Teeth and Gums.

[???]The above-named articles are manufactured solely by the proprietors. The names and titles thereof are adopted as trade marks, to secure the public and the proprietors against imposition, by the introduction of spurious articles. All unauthorized use of these trade marks will be promply prosecuted.



Extracts from authentic writings upon the virtues, origin, &c., of Cocoa-Nut Oil; and from Papers of the day, Letters, &c.

The Cocoa Palm is a native of the South-east of Asia, but is found in almost all tropical countries.

"In the countries of its growth, the uses to which the Cocoa nut Tree is applicable, are almost innumerable. Among the most important of these is the manufacture of the Fragrant Oil, employed by the inhabitants of all tropical countries, in a great variety of pharmaceutical preparations. The sweet fixed oil of the Cocoa-nut is deposited in very great quantity, in the formation of albumen, that takes place upon the inside of the shell, after the nut is gathered, and is expressed from the kernel by pressure merely, and without the mixture of any foreign or adventitious substance. In the warmest countries it is only necessary to cut the pulp into thin slices and expose it in shallow wooden vats to the direct action of the sun. With a slight lowering of the temperature, it solidifies into a white and fragrant mass, easily dissolving again upon application of external heat.

The use of this oil as a cosmetic has been universal among all the people of India, for centuries. No other preparation of art could give that elegant suppleness of limb, that glowing smoothness of skin, and luxuriance and abundance of hair, which have so often been the admiration of travellers in those remote and interesting regions. The constant use of it, in fact, is enjoined as a part of their religion, in many of the islands of the Eastern Archipelago, and the abundance in which it is to be found, seems to be one of those wise provisions of nature, intended to point out its salutary and desirable properties, for the use of man."--Selected.

[Extract from a letter, from a gentleman of this City widely known in a high official position.]

Boston, July 23d, 1857.

Messrs. Joseph Burnett & Co.

Gents:--I have until now been unable to find a Hair Oil which is well adapted to my own personal use. Indeed, for some years I have discontinued the use of such preparations, because of the failure of those I had tried. My hair is very fine in texture, and had a tendency to become dry, then to contract itself into a sort of angular spiral, and finally to fall off, especially from the top of the head.

Your Cocoaine came recently under my observation, and from the knowledged I had of the Cocoa-nut Oil, as employed by the natives of the countries where it grows, and of its peculiar purity as an Oil, I was led to resort to it for one more trial. I have not yet used it long enough to prove that it will do all you represent or claim for it, but its first effects are such as to lead me to place much confidence in it. Its use is peculiarly agreeable; it is very little liable to soil linen or cotton, with which it necessarily at night comes in contact; and it imparts thereto no unpleasant odor; it has already straightened out and softened the hair that was contracted, and restored a glossy and smooth appearance which my hair had lost.

Yours Respectfully.

Marsden, speaking of the people of Sumatra, says:--"Their hair is strong and of a shining black, the improvement of both which qualities it probably owes in a great measure to the constant use of Cocoa-nut Oil."--Marsden, p. 49.

"It is a known fact that vegetable fats are much less apt to become rancid than animal fats, and in consequence of that fact the Oleum Cocos, or Cocoa-nut Oil, was, several years ago, in Munich, proposed as a substitute for lard. Since that time it has been used in many preparations, and found to answer various purposes. By the animal heat of the skin it perfectly liquifies, and is then most readily absorbed by the human skin. Lard, on the contrary, disappears more slowly, and is therefore to a large extent taken up by the bedding and garments, to which, even with the most scrupulous cleanliness, it soon imparts a rancid smell."--Am. Journal of Pharmacy for July, 1857.

Boston, July 19th, 1857.

Messrs. J. Burnett & Co.:--I cannot refuse to state the salutary effect in my own aggravated case, of your excellent Hair Oil--(Cocoaine).

For many months my hair had been falling off, until I was fearful of losing it entirely. The skin upon my head became gradually more and more inflamed, so that I could not touch it without pain. This irritated condition I attributed to the use of various advertised hair washes, which I have since been told contained camphene spirit.

By the advice of my physician, to whom you had shown your process of purifying the Cocoa-nut Oil, I commenced its use the last week in June. The first application allayed the itching and irritation; in three or four days the redness and tenderness disappeared; the hair ceased to fall, and I have now a thick growth of new hair. I trust that others similarly afflicted will be induced to try the same remedy.

Yours, very truly,..........Susan R. Pope.

Burnett's Cocoaine. This is the name of a new and elegant preparation for dressing the hair, just introduced into the market by Messrs. Joseph Burnett & Co. It combines all the properties which have long been desired in an article of the kind, and is the result of a careful research, and reiterated experiment. It contains a very large proportion of the famous Cocoa-nut Oil, the use of which is so universal among the inhabitants of the Eastern Archipelago. The luxuriance and abundance of hair which adorn the natives of those remote regions, are attested by all travellers, and are mainly to be attributed to the use of this Oil. The aim of Messrs. Burnett & Co. has been to free it from the peculiar odor which it has in this condition, and to unite with it some approved tonics which stimulate the hair to a healthy and vigorous growth. It will be found on trial to be the blandest, cleanest, and most desirable preparation ever offered to the public.--Boston Transcript.

A Reliable Hair Preparation. In another column our readers are referred to Joseph Burnett & Co.'s advertisement of Cocoaine, for preserving and beautifying the hair. It is claimed for this preparation that it contains, in a liquid form, a large proportion of deodorized Cocoa-nut Oil, which possesses peculiar properties that suit the various conditions of the human hair. From the well-known reputation of Joseph Burnett & Co., as chemists and apothecaries, we welcome any new toilet preparation from their hands, and unhesitatingly recommend them to the public in our columns.--Boston Ledger.

  • A Summary of the excellencies of Burnett's Cocoaine, in contradistinction to those of all other preparations.
  • It is a cooling Vegetable Oil...........(Animal Oils are heating.)
  • It has great penetrating affinity for the human skin...........(Animal Oils, as bear's grease, have little or none.)
  • Its rapid absorption leaves little residue on the surface...........(Animal Oils do not possess this peculiarity, in any great degree.)
  • It does not quickly become rancid...........(Animal Oils do.)
  • It imparts glossiness to the hair by its penetrating power, rather than by mere outward lustre...........(The contrary is true with regard to Animal Oils.)

[???]The extreme susceptibility of Cocoa-nut Oil, renders the Cocoaine liable to congeal when exposed to any considerable degree of cold but not enough to occasion inconvenience in use, or to impair its effect. A slight degree of warmth will restore the original brilliancy.

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