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charlie rich drunk burns john denver's secretly drunk country music award then sends hot american indian whitecloud to accept denver's apology next year when silver fox wins oscar for apocalypse now 4464514 074

Having never truly liked country, I can honestly say he was my inspiration to learn how to play guitar, ‘Country Roads’ being the first piece I ever learned. And I actually get quite upset when I think about how unfairly he was treated by his peers simply because they didn’t want to share the spotlight.

Preirin 1 month ago 2

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michaeldonegan 1 month ago

Just popped in to see this again.It's sweet how basically softspoken John actually is.And no wonder he got depressed later on. it must have been hard to go from being THE biggest pop star in the world to disappearing off the radio.Nobody can maintain that level of stardom,but the drop must have been hard.At least he didn't live to see all his money disappear in the Bernie Madoff scandal.I don't think his poor weary heart could have taken it after everything else.Man,he deserved better.
blackwhimsy 6 months ago 2

@blackwhimsy Thank you for your kind comments. You are always welcome.
michaeldonegan 6 months ago

Such a funny video. You should put Robbie Rich/ cousin Oliver in the video tags. i've told a few Brady fans to look at this vi. Too cute!
blackwhimsy 1 year ago 2

@blackwhimsy Thank you. Your comments are appreciated.
michaeldonegan 1 year ago

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Priceless!!!!! John Denver deserved all those awards and more!! Love that Denver smile!!! Great post!!! Thank you!!!

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