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Iggy Pop | Striptease | 'Marc Campbell plagiarized this on dangerousminds.net | 01.10.2011' (one hour after my original post)


Iggy Pop Striptease

French TV host Yves Mourousi interviews Iggy Pop in 1977.
The exceedingly hip Mourousi and Mr. Osterberg seem to be on the
same wavelength in this totally charming clip. Mousousi ended up
abandoning the constraints of television for the nightclub
Dangerous Minds' Marc Campbell, Plain Whore!
Plagiarized by Marc Campbell

(I finally get to use my Plagiarism, Marc Campbell Tags again!)

i'll do the latest comparison post timetable tomorrow...i can only stomach this greaseball in small doses

How bad am I gonna kick Dangerous Minds' Marc Campbell's ass next time I'm in TX?

marc, i'm gonna be taking a shit later today if you wanna try and turn it into something

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