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Cosey Fanni Tutti, Throbbing Gristle, Art, and Porn

Cosey Fanni Tutti


Cosey Fanni Tutti is the ideal artist to start our new series on art and music, having worked across the two mediums since 1969. In this film, interspersed with live footage from her bands Throbbing Gristle and Chris and Cosey, she talks about her distaste for decorative art and how her music is all about emotion. She also discusses her work from the 1970s, in which she modeled for glamour magazines as a way to explore the commodification of sex. It would have been hypocritical, she explains, to use images of other people when she could have done it herself. Moving seamlessly between the sex, art and music industries, Cosey puts herself at the heart of her artistic output.
 This year seemed to have a weird stop start feel to it with projects hovering around then falling away. Now focussing in is possible as confirmed exhibitions and events move ever closer. My recent lectures and in conversations have been so enjoyable and thought provoking - new ideas placed to one side while I pay full attention to present works.
I will be announcing live work and exhibitions shortly as soon as dates have been finally confirmed. I'll post all on my web site as well. In the meantime I'll be working hard in my studio and with Chris in our sound studio for a live audio visual installation in Italy at the end of May. Those restless undercurrents of creativity are bringing a fantastic feeling of expectation and excitement. There's nothing quite like it.

Cosey Fani Tutti en el Tate

El Tate es seguramente uno de los museos mas modernos del mundo, punto de referencia y sobre todo espacio vivo ... y hasta el 14 de mayo se puede ver en Londres la muestra "Magazine Actions 1973–1980", fotografías, performances y live actions de la polémica Cosey Fani Tutti, una de las agitadoras de la escena británica y miembro de la mítica Throbbing Gristle.
Cosey Fanni Tutti
La cuestión es que durante aquellos años la Cosey desplegó una tremenda actividad en el porno art, con una doble vida que compaginaba con sus famosos latigazos industriales TG, para algunos un fenómeno mas importante que los propios PiXXXtols.
Por aquí tenemos alguna foto de las que retiró hace 2/3 años de su web, ojo (aviso legal) = sólo como muestra y sólo para adultos -hardcore- (y si no procede y Cosey nos lo pide, las retiramos inmediatly)

emmm ... antes de nada y para ambientarse ... aquí un interesante y recomendable podcast-mp3 de una actuación en directo con su inseparable Chris Carter en ResonanceFM en Nov 2004, Spitz venue de Londres dentro de una serie de actos de WIRED WOMEN.
performances :
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Cosey Fanni Tutti
live-actions :
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Cosey Fanni Tutti
magazines :
Cosey Fanni Tutti


modelling :
Cosey Fanni Tutti
con mujeres :
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Cosey Fanni Tutti
y con hombres :
Cosey Fanni Tutti
La expo forma parte de la Triennial 2006 dedicada al New British Art y financiada por la Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Another Meeting of the Minds: Grey and Kern

Where shall I start on Richard Kern. There’s a part of him that I admire. Some of his stuff is actually rather erotic. Oddly, or not, he’s going against the flow. After doing completely demented short films and music vids for people like Lydia Lunch and the whole New York “No Wave” scene, he well, started shooting porn. Arty porn, for sure, but porn nonetheless. Then in a further  lucky turn of fate, he’s now considered a serious photographer and gets book published by Taschen and what not. So it all comes full circle. What better model to choose to shoot then, than Sasha Grey. Here you can see them exchange ideas and listen to her say that what she really wants to do is direct.

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