Justine Joli: Sexiest Redheaded Duck-Beaked Porn Star Plays Wife Of Caligula

via Fleshbot by Ottimo Massimo on 2/19/10
Caligula Maximus, an off-broadway take of the story of Caligula, features our beloved Justine Joli as Caesonia, wife of the crazed emperor. You know what this means? Mainstream nudity time! Woo!
We truly think this is a marvelous role for Joli. Not that we think her taste in men would lead her to marry a murderous, lecherous, perhaps incestuous creep, or anything like that, we just know she's great on the stage. In fact, she was approached by one of the writers based on her burlesque performance at The Box!
Joli assures AVN that the production will have little in common with the infamous 1979 "Caligula" film. She says the director's vision is strong and fresh:
He wants to show the rise and fall of what humanity actually can be, which is, we all have a little bit of Caligula in us, which is hubris and decadence and the absolute id of the human mind, and while humans enjoy bedlam, there has to be a point where we all realize that hey, this is great and it's awesome, but fuck you, we can't do this all the time, this is pandemonium.
We're totally buying tickets.
· Justine Joli (justinejoli.com)
· Justine Joli Cast in Off-Broadway Take on Caligula
· Cover pic via Penthouse (penthouse.com)

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