Tila Tequila "Sex Tape" Leaked BJ in Time for Thanksgiving (Video 4tube.com Link)

Tila Tequila "Sex Tape" Surfaces

Christmas has certainly come early this year—it seems like we can't turn our heads without bumping into one sex tape or another. The latest celebrity to be leaked online: Tila Tequila. We're just surprised it didn't happen sooner.
The very brief "sex tape" currently lives on 4tube, where—if you are so inclined—you can watch ten seconds of what appears to be Tila Tequila giggling and holding a penis. Actually, less than ten seconds, because part of that time is taken over by a shot of a dude's face (presumably the dude who the penis in question belongs to).
With any luck, this is just a teaser of a larger clip, and not the whole thing...because if it is, we're really going to have to raise the bar for what constitutes scandal, people.
· Tila Tequila Sex Tape leaked blowjob scene (4tube.com)
· Tequila Threatens Lawsuit Over Stolen Sex Tape (tmz.com)

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