Exploding Omni Hits! The Shower Scene From Psycho, Johnny Paycheck: Nowhere To Run, Lorne Greene: The Man

The Shower Scene From Psycho:
Exploding Hits! (The Complete Recordings 1982-2000)
The Shower Scene From Psycho
Championed by luminaries like John Peel etc., The Shower Scene From Psycho are a captivating absurdity. Labouring at the far end of the universe (aka Melbourne, Australia: 1982) their compelling brew of fuzz guitars, virtuosic theremin solos, helium vocals and outbursts of delirious musique concrete noise is a sound unheard before or since. A post-punk re-imagining of 60s bubb...

Katie Lee:
Songs Of Couch and Consultation / Life Is Just A Bed Of Neuroses
Katie Lee
Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...the cults of psychoanalysis and psycho-babble were just a gleam in some twitching misfits eye. Here, those lucrative pseudo-sciences are lampooned to delirious effect. The teaming of folk-cabaret chanteuse Katie Lee with lyricist Bud Freeman and composer Leon Pober resulted in the 1957 swingin’ satirical masterpiece “Songs Of Couch And...

Henson Cargill:
On The Road - The Mega Years Plus
Henson Cargill
Henson Cargill burst into the international spotlight with his controversial crossover hit Skip A Rope in late 1967. By 1971 (after further hits and a slew of great material) the wells at Monument Records had run dry and Henson moved to the Nashville independent Mega Records. It was here that Henson produced perhaps his finest material, the challenging, earthy concept LP “On...

Johnny Paycheck:
Nowhere To Run - The Little Darlin’ Years 1966-1970

Here it is. The Honky TonkHoly Grail

Coveted, rare and brilliant, Johnny Paycheck‘s 1960s recordings for the Little Darlin’ label are sometimes dangerous, sometimes stunningly beautiful, oftentimes both. Paycheck was the real deal, life and the recording studio revealed a man tortured and talented beyond compare.

Paycheck cut his teeth on t...

Lorne Greene: The Man
Lorne Greene

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