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Paris Crillon Ball

Jane Aldridge

Jane Aldridge, who is currently studying at Cambridge, was accompanied by Octavian Donnelly  to the lavish annual event
.Jane-Aldridge-Paris Crillon Ball-Bal des Debutantes-November 28 2009

The Crillon Ball Welcomes a Personal-Style Blogger This Year

Seventeen-year-old Sea of Shoes debuted in Chanel Haute Couture.
The Crillon Ball Welcomes a Personal-Style Blogger This Year
Shoes is in the stripes.Shoes is in the stripes.Photo: seaofshoes.typepad.com
The Crillon Ball took place in Paris on Saturday. The annual event, dreamed up by a PR bigwig nineteen years ago — because why not? — provides an opportunity for teenage girls closely related to or associated with famous people to do some fancy pageant walking on the arm of a fantastically named male escort on a world stage. Most important, each gal wears couture and enough diamonds to put Lil' John to shame.
The 25 debutantes at this year's ball included ladies with names like Lady Kitty Spencer, the 18-year-old niece of Princess Diana, who was escorted by Richard Dennen. Forest Whitaker's 17-year-old daughter Autumn Whitaker also attended, escorted by William Bellingham. Personal-style blogger Jane Aldridge, the 17-year-old author of Sea of Shoes, also attended, wearing Chanel Haute Couture, escorted by none other than Cambridge University student Octavian Donnelly, whose parents clearly named him with this very day in mind.

Vogue recommended Aldridge for the event this year. And why shouldn't she enjoy the honor? She's designed two capsule collections of shoes for Urban Outfitters, has made a cameo on The City , and owns plenty of fabulous items of apparel. And she hasn't dropped out of school to bask in the glory of it allshe's finishing up her senior year of high school with wonderfully convenient home schooling. But just because she's fabulous enough to walk arm-in-arm with Mr. Octavian Donnelly doesn't mean we plebes can't relate. Just have a look at her Twitter page: She uses "fuck" freely.
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