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What Gets Me Hot!

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What Gets Me Hot!
Directed by
Richard Mailer
Written by
Richard Mailer
Distributed by
Island Home Video
Release date(s)
Running time
79 min.

What Gets Me Hot! is the title of a 1984 pornographic film which featured Bunny Bleu, Susan Hart, Dorothy Onan, Marc Wallice, Sean Alexander, Tom Byron, Greg Rome, Herschel Savage (aka Hershel Savage), Maria Kay, Helga Sven, Leslie Thane and Traci Lords. It was written and directed by the Hungarian-born Richard Mailer.

The starring role was credited to Traci Lords (credited as Tracy Lords), who had her first on-camera sex act in this film. She was only 15-years-old when it was made, so the film is considered child pornography under United States law; however, the makers of this film were unaware of this, and this film, along with all others made by Lords prior to her 18th birthday, were removed from the market in 1986 when Lords' real age was revealed. It is legally available in some jurisdictions outside the U.S.

Lannie (Traci Lords) woke up after dreaming about naked women floating in space. She wonders aloud about her sexuality and inexperience. Her mom (Helga Sven) brings up boys and tells her about a new man, Mr. Kennedy (Don Hodge), who she thinks likes her, but is too shy to say anything. Mark Radner (Shone Taylor) hangs out with his friends, Jeff (Tom Byron) and Kevin (Marc Wallice). They talk about girls and sex. Kevin talks about his encounters with Debbie, meanwhile Jeff gets teased about not getting laid. Mark reveals his maid has been stealing, but he hasn’t told his parents. Instead, he will use the secret to control her. He meets her outside in the garden, and brings her upstairs. He orders her take off her clothes, then she starts servicing him and his friends before having sex.

Over at her house, Lannie and her friends relax by the pool. They talk about boys and sex. Debbie, (Bunny Bleu) goes topless with Cheryl (Susan Hart). A self-conscious Lannie follows. Cheryl flashbacks to how she lost her virginity while babysitting after calling Bill (Greg Rome) over. She was nervous about giving oral sex at first, but he made her comfortable. Debbie tells the girls that she makes guys like Kevin “beg for it.” Back at Mark’s house, Kevin tells the guys he let girls beg for it. Lannie’s mom, Mrs. Waters, shows up with a pitcher of drink, the girls left. Mrs. Waters set her sights on Mr. Kennedy.

Mark’s mom, Mrs. Radner (Maria Kay), shows up with her boyfriend (Herschel Savage). She’s angry with him for driving fast but soon gets over it and comes onto him. He’s worried her son’s home but she reassures him Mark is out. They have sex on the fountain as Mark secretly watches. Mrs. Waters and Mr. Kennedy have next to the pool.

Instead of going outside as planned, Lannie, Jeff, Debbie and Kevin meet for a “picnic” inside the house. Jeff takes Lannie to the kitchen after getting a signal from Kevin. Lannie’s dress get wet and she teases Jeff then remove her dress. Jeff gets overwhelmed and ejaculates on himself. Debbie teases Kevin before sex. Lannie goes home and fantasizes about Jeff. She masturbates to the thought of having sex with him. The scene cuts back and forth between Lannie touching herself, and the imagined sexual encounter outside on a picnic table.

Mark calls Kevin then invites Debbie, Kevin's girlfriend, to his home. Debbie shows and Mark orders her to perform sexual acts. He makes her undress and tells her to lie on the bed and close her eyes. He secretly brings in Wendy (Leslie Thane) and Louis (David Sanders). Wendy performs cunnilingus on Debbie until Mark tells her to open her eyes. Mark has sex with Wendy, while Debbie does Louis, until they switch partners. Excited by the encounter, Debbie calls Lannie and tells her she’s ditching Kevin—“a boy”—for “a man” like Mark. Lannie declines the prospect and says she knows what gets her hot. She hangs up and looks over at her friend Cheryl lying beside her.

Scene 1
Bunny Bleu, Susan Hart
Scene 2
Dorothy Onan, Marc Wallice, Shone Taylor, Tom Byron
Scene 3
Greg Rome, Susan Hart
Scene 4
Hershel Savage, Mary Kay
Scene 5
Don Hodges, Helga Sven
Scene 6
Bunny Bleu, Marc Wallice
Scene 7
Traci Lords
Scene 8
Tom Byron, Traci Lords
Scene 9
Bunny Bleu, David Sanders, Leslie Thane, Shone Taylor

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